Wednesday, February 3, 2010


As usual, quick-quick-quick so I can get on to other things – why do my evenings seem so short lately?

Last night’s dinner was one of our quick & easy favorites – PC Madras Curry Sauce with chicken, red bell pepper and cauliflower, served with Naan.


While the curry was cooking, I chopped some veggies and put then in a container in the fridge. Then set out some other things on the counter in preparation for the morning.


This morning I threw everything into the slow cooker.

Breakfast this morning – the famous carrot muffin and coffee.


For lunch, red bell pepper and Amy’s Lasagna (the one with cheese, not the non-diary kind; lasagna without cheese just seems wrong).

IMG_0482 IMG_0483

Dessert – my last two After Eights.


And an afternoon snack.


We actually left work by 5:30 today. To tell you the truth I considered skipping my workout when I got home – I sorta feel like maybe I’m coming down with the cold Husband had last week. But then I decided it was better to go ahead and do the workout.

Today was Supersets + Abs and Steady State Cardio. I actually only did two sets of the ab exercises though (it was supposed to be 3) because I started to feel a bit nauseous. And the cardio was short – 2o minutes – but better than nothing.

I think that Supersets are going to be my favorite workout of the rotation again. They were last month. But don’t tell Lindsey – I’m afraid she’ll decide she’s not making them hard enough or something. I definitely worked. I just like working out with weights.

Then dinner – one of our favorites, the Tex-Mex Taco Soup.


And dessert.


Time to get in a little piano and then clean up the kitchen (dontcha love my priorities?) and then it will be bedtime again!

Two more days to the weekend!


candlerun (htabby) said...

This past week has just been soooo busy hasn't it... Yes, two more days. :0)

Happy that you stopped and did not push yourself with the queasiness. I know pushing is important but sometimes we have to listen to our bodies.

Missicat said...

mmm...Tex Mex Taco soup! Sounds and looks wonderful!

Sagan said...

Soup looks great. That's wonderful that you're enjoying the piano so much! I really gotta get on my piano again one of these days...