Thursday, April 1, 2010

Well. Who's a lazy blogger? Sheesh. Give myself permission to blog less and I completely disappear. Some people!

I haven't even been updating my workouts on the sidebar, but I promise you I have been doing them. Well, some of them. :)

The last part of March was not so great. There was a week where Husband's boss was in town, which meant that we were late getting home a few days. Plus I've been tired and getting a lot of killer headaches - which problem it seems might be solved by wearing my bite plate at night.

I got the bite plate a few years back when I was having a lot of problems with tooth sensitivity. I was using Sensodyne regularly, but it didn't seem to be helping. The dentist could tell from looking at my teeth that I must grind them a lot though, so I got a bite plate. I did wear it faithfully for a while (at first I even woke myself up a few times biting down on it, so there's no doubt that I needed it). But my teeth have been so much better that I haven't been bothering with it for quite a while.

Lately there've been some things stressing me out though. I started getting headaches every day, some times even waking up with headaches in the morning and finally thought to try sleeping with the bite plate again. So far it seems to be helping.

We've also had some cold dreary weather which tends to make me want to curl up with a blanket. Monday was particularly bad as the heat at the office was broken (again). You'd think after freezing all day I'd want to go home and exercise to get warmed up, no? No. Completely sapped all my energy. Ah well, things seem to be turning around.

So enough whining, on with the show.

March's recap:

The March plan was quite challenging, I have to say. Also, I have to say, that I do not enjoy Hyperbolic Resistance workouts at all. Burpees, pushups, squat thrusts, mountain climbers - sound like fun to you? Though I did actually think the Jumping Lunges were fun. However, I was pleasantly surprised that while the Hyperbolic Resistance workouts never seemed to feel like they were getting any easier, I did actually improve my time for each one I did. Go me!

Mar 31: Supersets- Upper Body B + Cardio[30 mins]
Mar 30: Supersets - Lower Body A + Cardio[30 mins]
Mar 28: Supersets - Upper Body A + Cardio[30 mins]
Mar 23: HRT For Time{17:34] + Steady State Cardio [40 mins]
Mar 22: HI Circuit #2[40 mins] + Steady State Cardio[20 mins]
Mar 18: Supersets[35 mins] + Steady State Cardio[15 mins]
Mar 17: Cardio Intervals[25 mins]
Mar 15: HRT Rounds in 20 mins + Steady State Cardio[25 mins]
Mar 14: HI Circuit #1[45 mins] + Steady State Cardio[15 mins]
Mar 12: Cardio Intervals[20 mins] + Gentle Hatha Yoga #1[20 mins]
Mar 11: HRT For Time[18:45 mins] + Steady State Cardio[40 mins]
Mar 10: Supersets[35 mins]+Cardio Intervals[25 mins]
Mar 08: HI Circuit #2[45 mins] + Steady State Cardio[15 mins]
Mar 06: High Intensity Circuit #2 x1[20 mins] + Steady State Cardio[10 mins]
Mar 04: HRT Rounds in 20 mins + Steady State Cardio[10 mins]
Mar 03: Supersets[35 mins] + Steady State Cardio[25 mins]
Mar 02: Hyperbolic RT For Time[24:03 mins] + Steady State Cardio[30 mins]
Mar 01: High Intensity Circuit #1[55 mins]

Those last three workouts (Mar 28, 30, 31) are actually a head start on April's schedule. Lindsey had sent me the schedule at the end of last week and I just felt the need to move on.

April will be lots of strength training, which I am looking forward too (even if my biceps are feeling somewhat sore from yesterday's session).


carla said...

I laugh that blogging is like a marathon. somedays I DO think if I stopped running Id STOP ENTIRELY as well.


Sagan said...

Join my yoga challenge? I'm already feeling less stressed :)

Looks like you managed to fit in quite a few workouts even though you were so busy! That's awesome.

Simply Life said...

great looking wrap!