Sunday, April 3, 2011

April's Fool's Day Courtesy of Mother Nature

So totally not funny.

Let us not speak of it.

March Workouts

I started of the month with a lot of neck and shoulder tension that was causing headaches. So there was a fair bit of yoga. It got better for a while, but this week it came back, so expect to see more yoga in April. But hopefully less snow.

Mar 02: Treadmill Walk + Yoga Emergency ARMS & SHOULDERS[35 mins]
Mar 03: YDL Gentle Hatha Flow #2[30 mins]
Mar 05: Yoga Emergency ARMS & SHOULDERS[12 mins]
Mar 08: YDL Heart Opening Flow #120 mins]
Mar 09: Treadmill Walk/Jog + YDL Shoulder Opener #1[50 mins]
Mar 10: The FIRM Power Half Hour DVD[30 mins]
Mar 12: Crunch Cardio Sculpt DVD[30 mins]
Mar 13: Walk[20 mins]
Mar 14: Treadmill Walk[20 mins]
Mar 15: Pick Your Level Pilates DVD[30mins]
Mar 16: The FIRM Power Half Hour DVD[30 mins]
Mar 20: Walk + YDL Solar Flow #1[45 mins]
Mar 22: Jackie Warner Workout UB + Cardio Intervals[40 mins]
Mar 24: Jackie Warner Workout LB + Treadmill walk[45 mins]
Mar 26: Crunch Cardio Sculpt DVD[30 mins]
Mar 29: The FIRM Power Half Hour DVD + Heavy Circuit[40 mins]
Mar 30: Treadmill Walk/Jog + YDL Gentle Hatha Yoga #1[45 mins]


MizFit said...

lordy not funny at all.
and here we broke heat records on friday.
92 :(

Ben said...

Hey. I just started following you and would love it if you follow back. I have a give away going on right now. Check out "BE prepared" and leave me a comment if your interested. Thanks!

The Merry said...

There's a good reason they refer to nature as a "mother"

vustudents said...

Yah its not funny

Sagan said...

You're a workout warrior!

And that weather is SO LAME. Come to Winnipeg. It's magically been quite nice out lately (knock on wood).

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh curse the damn snow! I just had to write and say that is an unbelievable coincidence! Hopefully like me you didn't need to get a needle. I took a muscle relaxer on the bus on the way there and was all woozy and funky by the time I showed up. When they said they didn't need to use a needle, I was so happy but still had to take a cab home thanks to the pills. Hope you didn't have to do that too!

LeslieGoldman said...

WHOA! And I thought things here in Chicago were bad...

JavaChick said...

The snow was a nasty surprise, that's for sure.

Suzie - I did not have to get a needle on that trip, but I did find out that I need to have a partial crown put in so I will be taking some pills to make me woozy and getting a needle in the near future. Not looking forward to it.