Friday, August 17, 2012

Hello Treadmill! Remember Me?

This has got to be the worse exercise slump I have ever experienced. I am unmotivated, disorganized and easily distracted. My routine - I used to have one - is completely shot. I could go back through the series of events, list causes and explanations...but the important part right now is the solution.

Why hello there treadmill! It's been a long time...

In my unmotivated, disorganized state of mind, I can't settle on any exercise that I feel like doing. Since I have no routine, I can't look at a schedule to see what my next workout should be. But my treadmill is still there, faithfully waiting. This is one of the reasons I wanted a treadmill in the first place; barring injury or illness, I can almost always manage a walk on the treadmill. Tired? Busy? Lacking in energy or motivation? A short and/or easy walk on the treadmill still adds some exercise into my day.

So Monday after work I liberated my treadmill from it's corner in the basement. When I first turned it on, it did this horrible shuddering-groaning-grinding thing, but once it started up it was fine. I went back through my workout notebook and found that the last time I used my treadmill was in February; I don't think it has ever gone unused for such a long period of time.

So we're getting to know one another again. I'm taking it easy for now. I think I need new sneakers. But I'm getting back in the game.

Now to tackle the eating. When Husband first started traveling for work, I was all enthused to cook purely for myself. I enjoyed experimenting with full time vegetarianism. Then adding in some fish. Trying to cut out wheat and dairy and finding that it does have health benefits for me. But I've lost my motivation there too. I don't want to be bothered with cooking. I can't think of anything in particular that I want to eat. What is the healthy eating equivalent of the treadmill? Any thoughts?

I did stop at the grocery store on the way home yesterday to stock up. Hard to make eating your veggies a priority when the fridge is pretty much empty. In addition to my usual veggie staples, I bought a bag of Broccoli Slaw. Open bag. Dump in bowl. Consume. I should be able to manage that. Baby steps in the right direction.


MizHatesCardio said...

oh GIRL I do get this.
I just liberated the 'mill from under the husbands 2 printers and hope to MAYBE step on it today :-)

Johan Persson said...

Thanks for your post. I've new people that were in the exact same situation. I wrote an article too, feel free to check it out:, it's about 'getting your own treadmill'

amy said...

The infamous DREADmill. I never look forward to it. Have you seen the guy who dances on the treadmill on youtube? He knows how to mix things up but it looks like it took awhile for him to get to where he's at now. All I need is to find the right treadmill and things would pick up.

The good thing about treadmills is that its always going to be there for you whenever you need it. =D