Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What do you do when you don't want to do anything?

I'm just gonna call it now and say this is my workout summary for July:

02: Jackie Warner 30 Day Fast Start Pyramid Training
03: Yoga @ Baila Fitness
08: Crunch Yoga Body Sculpt
10: PYL Pilates
15: Jackie Warner One On One Training - LB
16: Jackie Warner One On One Training  - UB
23: PYL Pilates
That's just really embarrassing. And I have no good excuse for it. I'd like to say I've been so busy doing stuff outdoors that I haven't had time for formal workouts...I'd like to say that.
The truth is I've been tired a lot. Really busy at work at getting home later than usual a lot of days. Easily distracted and side-tracked. Just generally not in the mood, I guess. I was actually in a bit of a funk for a while there. I just wanted to come home and curl up in a corner of the living room with a book. The worst of that is over, thank goodness.
I am on vacation this week. Yay!
I'm still tired. A couple of weeks ago I almost booked another doctor's appointment, thinking maybe I should get my iron levels checked again. Then I decided this doesn't feel quite the same, so I didn't. I suppose I should anyway. I think some of it may be the weather. We've been getting some sun, but still a lot of rain. I'm feeling sympathy for my tomato plants - enough sun to get by, but going a little yellow around the edges from all the rain.
Actually though, this week has been decent. We've had a couple of days of rain, but the past couple of days have been sunny. I have been slowly puttering away at a few things I've been wanting to get done around the house, but not working too hard at anything. We will be taking off for a few days to visit family, so that will be nice.
This is probably reading like a bit of a downer, which I don't mean it to be. It's nice to have a bit of time to take it easy; I think it's probably what I needed. It won't be enough time - it never is - but hopefully some vacation time will leave me feeling better.
Some things that do lift my spirits...
A bucket of basil - we had pesto! My first real harvest from my poor little garden this year. And garlic scapes; they are huge and I am looking forward to digging up the garlic.

What I see when I look down from our deck - Tomatoes growing along side my Police Box.

Baby deer!

I figured out the spot to photograph our humming birds.

First woodpecker sighting of the summer! Actually saw him through our living room window as he was checking out our bird feeders, then was able to sneak out the back door and catch him in the tree.

Husband and I were actually talking about retirement while making dinner tonight, can't really remember how the subject came up. Anyway, we were talking about where we would want to be, and my fondest wish is to be in the  country. But, I have to admit, we have it pretty good where we are right now. We have the convenience of the city, I'm only a 10 minute drive from the office, but these are all scenes from my yard. It's really not too shabby (minus Zappa running to meet me with a mortally wounded snake hanging from his mouth tonight; that I could have done without. Okay, it was a little funny, he looked so pleased. But I'm sad that he killed [another] snake [I'm assuming, since I found an injured one earlier in the summer which later died in our yard].
Do I know how to end a post, or what?


MIZ said...

so GLAD your funk is mostly done and it is finally vacay TIME!!!

share what youve read ;-)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Yay for vacation!

But I'm hoping you won't let the "tired" thing drag on too long without getting checked out? You seem to be generally an active person who does all the right stuff, so it's not fair if you're fighting fatigue. If it's not the iron, then might be worth seeing what else is going on.

Have a great break from work!

HappinessSavouredHot said...

I would agree with you, my favorite place to be would be in the country, but within reasonable distance from a big city.