Monday, March 17, 2014

Is It Spring Yet?

I got hit with the tired again this week. I had kind of a stressful work day on Tuesday, and didn't sleep well, so I was exhausted on Wednesday.

Then I slept like the dead on Wednesday night. Normally I way up at least once during the night, courtesy of a Fabulous Feline or two. Apparently Frank did try to wake me up, employing his usual method of sitting on the pillow and tapping me on the head with his paw and I slept through it all. Husband said he had to check and make sure I was still breathing.

Fabulous Felines, June 20 2003

Despite the sound sleep I was still really tired on Wednesday. Maybe it's left over effects from the DST switch. Or maybe it's the weather; we had another storm last week - lots of snow and ice and rain - and I have so had enough of this.

Week before last we received a package  in the mail, which came with lots of packing paper. We put it down on the floor for the cats. They sleep in it. We pick it all up to clean the floor, and then we put it back down. We have happy cats.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Hope the tiredness gets better! Funny, I've been having a ridiculous amount of trouble adjusting to the time and it's just one hour! What the heck is the deal this year?

LOVE the cat-wrap pic!