Thursday, June 3, 2010

June: Ch-ch-ch-changes…

May has flown by. I don’t know where it went. So it’s time for my monthly workout review…Toward the end of the month I was really busy so there were a lot of missed workouts, and when I did work out I wasn’t always so good about keeping track…But I think this is more or less accurate:

May 29: 30 min walk
May 28: 40 min walk
May 26: Upper Body A [30 mins]
May 23: 30 min walk
May 18: Upper Body B + Cardio[40 mins]
May 17: 40 min walk
May 15: Lower Body A + Cardio[60 mins]
May 14: Cardio[40 mins]
May 10: Upper Body A + Cardio[60 mins]
May 06: Lower Body B + Finisher(4:35:48) + Cardio[55 mins]
May 05: Upper Body B[30 mins]
May 04: 40 min walk
May 03: Lower Body A + Finisher for time(5:59:00) + Cardio[60 mins]

At the end of April, I almost decided that it was time to take a break from Lindsey’s fitness coaching for a while. At the last minute I changed my mind and decided to give it another month. But May demonstrated that it is definitely time to take a break. I’m not keeping up with the workouts. There are so many other things that I want/need to be doing. So it’s time to go back to my whimsical what-kind-of-workout-do-I-feel-like-today routine. 

This is not really surprising. I find I can only stick to a specific schedule for a while, then I need to take a break. Lately workouts have been feeling like a chore. So it’s definitely time for a change [even if that is a change back to my old exercise habits].

Although there will be a little bit of “new” thanks to my newest piece of exercise equipment, which my Dad installed for me when he was here.

IMG_9016 IMG_9017

That would be a Perfect Pullup system.Which I have only had a chance to try out once, but I definitely think it will be useful. The top bar actually swings down, so you can use it for different exercises, not just pullups. Pretty nifty.

This past week has involved activity of a different kind though. Perhaps this will give you a hint.

IMG_9001Sofa in the kitchen? That’s brilliant! Why didn’t we think of this ages ago!

 IMG_9005Woo hoo! I am Super Zappa! Defending the innocent and…Zzzzzzz… 


Hey! Furniture without a covering of beautiful, silvery cat hair! How did that happen! Must take steps to rectify immediately and…Zzzzzzzz…

So yeah. We’ve been tearing our house apart and rearranging things. Again. Still. Forever.

Someday we might actually be finished.


There has been a little teeny bit of gardening. Not enough. And now that I’m starting to think I might have time to get my tomatoes planted, the weather has gone into the crapper. Little bit disappointed, yes I am.

Oh well. There’s still lots to do inside the house. And I do have some garden pics that haven’t been posted yet, so I’ll try to get those up sometime soon.

In the mean time, check out these photos that I got with my Zoom lens the other night. Hello Mr. Gopher!

IMG_9008 IMG_9013I’m pretty sure my cats are bigger than you; Better stay clear of Super Zappa…You know…if he ever finishes napping…Zzzzzzzzz!


the Bag Lady said...

Super Zappa looks ready to defend against any gopher attack.... as long as the gopher attacks the sofa, that is!
Looking forward to more garden pictures!

Haley-O (Cheaty) said...

Aww! LOVE kitty! AND gopher! ;) You are inspiring with your working out!!!