Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Suddenly Summer

I wait all winter for it to be summer again, and it seems like I’ve hardly had a chance to notice that it’s here! But it definitely is, and I’ve decided that it’s time to stop and smell the…er…cilantro.

There was an avocado sitting there, just waiting to be turned into guacamole, so after work today I headed out to the garden to snip a bit of cilantro. I grabbed my camera on the way and managed to drop it. It hit the floor pretty hard – I actually grabbed my camera case and was swinging the strap over my head and the camera flew out – and now I have this black crack across the top of the view screen…


So mad at myself. I love this little camera. It still works, it’s just that I like to take care of my things. So that put a bit of a damper on my sunny afternoon, but I headed out anyway.

I have cilantro growing in two spots. First, in this container, along with some pepper plants and purple basil.



A second plant is at the opposite end of my veggie patch, where I have a bunch of herbs in the ground.



These were plants from the garden center. I also have some seeds in and hopefully they will grow. We like cilantro!

While I was out there, I figured I might as well do a little tour of the veggie garden. Things are really coming along now. At the beginning of the season, things seem to go slowly. You put in your tomato plants and it seems like not much is going on. Then suddenly they start to grow. You can almost see it!

Remember those Potato Tubs I planted when my parents were visiting in May? Those little seed potatoes have turned into plants that are just bursting out of the sacks. I also have a couple of tomato plants in containers at then end of the garden – as usual.


This is a view of my little veggie garden, from where the potato tubs are. This end is where I have some herbs, garlic and bunching onions growing.


And then many, many tomato plants.


There is nothing like tomatoes fresh from the garden!

Here I have some miniature cucumber seeds planted. They are just starting to come up.



At the other end, I have lettuce, cabbage, peas and beans. I think it won’t be long before I have lettuce! I could definitely pull up some of those bunching onions now. Throw in some purple basil and I’ll have a salad!


And of course more containers with mostly tomatoes, but also the peppers and herbs that I mentioned at the beginning….Excuse me while I snip a bit of cilantro! 



On the deck, I have one more container.

IMG_9116This is a Tomato Success Kit from Veseys. When I saw this in the catalog, I couldn’t resist giving it a try. Technically, the deck is not full sun, which tomatoes should really have. But, when the sun is shining, it’s the hottest spot in our yard so I’m hoping it will be ok.

Looks promising; I can see buds forming already.


Tomorrow is Canada Day which means a holiday – no work! And Husband & I took Friday off. The weather forecast is looking pretty good, so I have four whole days to slow down and soak up some summer!

Hope you all have a happy Canada Day and a great weekend!


Miz said...

have an awesome few days hanging chilling and GARDENING!!

we need a texas day around here.


the Bag Lady said...

Happy Canada Day! Your garden looks fabulous, and these pictures make me want to go out and work in my own garden! (just as soon as I finish enjoying my coffee and check out a few more blogs!)

Sagan said...

Aww sorry about the camera. Cute cucumbers! I am NOT a cilantro fan, myself, but fresh from the garden makes a huge difference.

Happy Canada Day!

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