Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Snow Day of the Winter

Wednesday I woke up to radio announcers talking about snow fall warnings and school cancellations. When I looked out the window there wasn’t much to see but I decided better to be safe than sorry; I can work from home when I need to so why take chances?

Around 8:30 am the view looked like this:



By noon, snow was piling up.



By 4 pm I was extremely happy that I was safe at home.



Our driveway didn’t get plowed until almost 7pm. I did drive in to work on Thursday and  a lot of the roads were still pretty messy.

By Friday the weather was starting to warm up again. Yesterday was a beautiful day, nice and warm.

So we’ve now gone from this…


To this…


Which makes me happy. I’m not ready for winter to set in quite yet.

Had a lazy morning at home yesterday, then went out and did some shopping. Today puttered around the house, finally packing away the rest of my summer stuff and digging out the rest of my sweaters.

I had Spicy African Peanut Stew from the Peas and Thank You cook book cooking away all afternoon in the slow cooker.


It was quite tasty and I look forward to the leftovers that will feed me for the next couple of days.


Miz said...

oh oh oh it is so so so time for you to come visit TEXAS :)

AudreyO said...

We live in Santa Barbara so don't often see snow. We visited a cousin in northern Nevada two weeks ago and we hit their first winter storm. We actually had to drive through it :(

the Bag Lady said...

That's the best reason to stay home that I can think of - even if it did melt away!

JavaChick said...

Miz - Texas is sounding good with all the snow we have to look forward to. Do you have a spare room? ;)

AudreyO - I hate driving in the snow and I've lived with it all of my life. That must have been a scary experience.

Bag Lady - I think if I could stay home all winter I would.