Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week Four: Do Over

This week was good. I was sounding pretty negative when I posted last Sunday. I was tired after a busy weekend where I didn't manage to accomplish everything I wanted to do, and a week where I felt I had slacked off on my goals.

It took a week of feeling back to my normal self to realize that I had legitemately needed the rest. The importance of trusting my instincts seems to be a lesson that I need to learn over and over again.

I'm struggling to put this into words, but I also need to redefine my expecatation of consistency when it comes to healthy living. I tend to want to map that out as X number of workouts per week, how the meal plans will go, etc. But consistency is more of a long term thing. Too detailed of a plan/schedule tends to cause me stress; this is something I know. I also know that energy and motivation levels go up and down.

My exercise habit has been established for years now. Yes, I may fall into a general routine for a period of time, but one bad week does not spell disaster. And some weeks the routine may change. Again, this is something I know.

Healthy eating tends to be a constant work in progress. There are times when I do go miles off track, but I'm not there right now. I feel like I am getting close to where I want to be. I also recognize what some of the hurdles are. Sometimes it's discouraging. Sometimes I feel pretty good about things. Beating myself up over it doesn't help anything.

Consistency, for me right now, is doing my best in the moment. What that is today may look different next week. That's okay, I think, as long as I don't lose sight of the big picture.

I actually feel pretty good about this month over all:
  • I like the weekly posting and goal setting. Sometimes I don't want to make the time to do it, but it does keep me focused and I think I need that right now.
  • I feel like I have a pretty good balance going with workouts. I still have the voices in my head telling me all the things I should be doing, what I'm not doing enough of, but I'm doing what I can without making myself crazy. 
  • Food-wise, I feel like I should be tracking, not to count calories, but for data gathering purposes. I know that last winter I was in a good place, then completely lost it this spring. I want to try and recognize what works for me so that I can get to that good place and stay there. 
  • I have a little bit of work stress right now. Still struggling sometimes to keep up with everything else I want/need to do. Trying to find balance I guess.
January Workouts
07: 12PM Yoga + 6PM Zumba
09: 12PM Yoga
13: Jackie Warner 30 Day Fast Start UB
14: 12PM Yoga + 6PM Zumba
16: Jackie Warner 30 Day Fast Start LB&ABs + 6 Zumba songs
18: Zumba Fitness Party
19: Crunch Super Slim Down Pilates Yoga Blend
21: Kathy Smith Staying Strong UB & ABS + Treadmill walk
22: Kathy Smith Staying Strong Legs & Glutes + 5 Zumba Songs
28: Zumba
29: Jackie Warner Power Circuit Training UB + LB
30: Zumba
February Goals
I've been looking over some blog posts from last fall & winter, and the goals I posted for last February are pretty much perfect:
Eat to feel good.
Enjoy regular exercise.
Track without judgement.

That pretty much covers what I want to do. I kinda think that should be my healthy living mission statement.

It warmed up here for a few days this past week - it was 11 degrees Celcius on Thursday. We had rain and wind, but the air was warm. It felt like spring.

Of course, it's too early for spring, so it turned cold again on Friday and today we got snow. It's amazing how much the weather can change within a couple of days.




Miz said...

trusting my GUT took me...40 years to do.


Crabby McSlacker said...

I really like the way you're coming to define "consistency." And it's so cool you've figured out that rigid schedules don't work for you and only cause you stress!

solarity said...

I like your February mission statement, too.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

the Bag Lady said...

Sounds like you are coming to know yourself very well.
Our weather has been just as crazy as yours!