Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week 22: June? Hello?

The weather continues to be disappointing. We get short teasers, a sunny day here, a warm day there, but mostly it seems to be grey, chilly and damp. It's starting to make me cranky. And of course, the nice weather, when we get it, happens during the week and not on the weekend.

We moved to a 16th floor office recently. Uptown Saint John is known for it's fog, and this time of year we are likely to look out the window and see white. But, when it's clear, we do have a nice view.

So goals...I had some...

Actually, fitness goals accomplished:

Monday: Zumba
Wednesday: Jackie Warner One On One Upper Body + Yoga Download Moon Salutations Flow
Thursday: Jackie Warner One On One Lower Body
Saturday: Kathy Smith Lift Weights to Lose Weight 2

Food goals...I suppose I did pay attention, but that does not mean I did every thing right. I guess in this case paying attention equals identifying the problem areas so that I can come up with strategies to do better. So, working on it.

Problem #1: JavaChick confuses Husband
So we tried these par-baked baguettes from Costco, and they are pretty good. Of course, since they are from Costco you end up with a whole bunch of them. They keep for quite a while though, so not so bad. You can't call a baguette "health food" but I believe in moderation. The difficulty would be the application of the word "moderation."

Tuesday night - we are having barbequed sausages on whole wheat buns with sauerkraut, and salad. Husband says we should bake up a baguette because we also have the container of bruschetta that should be eaten up. I kind of agree because we do need to eat this stuff up...but I don't really want to add bread to a meal that already includes bread. Follow my reasoning there? By the time we get around to supper, I conveniently forget to bake a baguette and Husband doesn't mention it.

Wednesday night - we are having Janet & Greta's Chicken burgers on Kaiser rolls. Husband again says we should have a baguette was well. I try to explain why I think we don't need one. Husband is good natured, but I can tell he is exasperated, and he thinks he won't have enough to eat. He ends up barbecuing some extra meat for himself.

Thursday night - We are having spaghetti (brown rice pasta). I see Husband look at the baguettes and then look away like he can't decide whether he should say anything. Now I am feeling bad. I ask does he want a baguette with dinner? He says a baguette with garlic butter would be nice, so that's what we have.

Friday we have fish. And roasted vegetables. And baguette with bruschetta. Because this is where I  think it works into a meal. Is it really that confusing?

I don't really want to make Husband feel like I'm telling him what he can and can't eat. But if we have a freshly baked baguette, I know I will want some, even if I don't need it. And he probably doesn't need the extra bread either. Perhaps I really am just a big meanie.

Problem #2: JavaChick gets tired of same-old, same-old
For the past couple of weeks, I have been eating fruit & yogurt for breakfast, and quinoa salad with avocado for lunch. This works because it's easy to pack up in the morning, I enjoy it, and it fills me up. Except by Thursday this week I was going off the rails - a chocolate croissant at the coffee shop seems like a better idea for breakfast, and I think I'll eat a bag of chips with my lunch...

I think the obvious lesson there is that after a few days I probably need to switch things up. Repetitiveness makes the lunch planning & packing easier, but it does me no good if I don't want to eat what I'm packing for myself.

Problem #3 - All planning & routine goes out the window on the weekends. Don't have an answer for that one yet. Thing is, sometimes it's nice to have a break from planning. And it's not like I binge all weekend, just probably am not as balanced as I should be. Baby steps, right?

On to the miscellaneous photos for the week...


 Frank's fur is growing in nicely and he seems to be pretty much his old self.



Zappa says hello...

There are signs of life in the garden, it just seems so slow this year. I haven't had a chance to get out and do anything and it still seems so cold!


Crabby McSlacker said...

I can so relate to the blessing/curse of Costco quantities! It's hard not to have your choices influenced by what's on hand, so with the "treat" stuff (kettlecorn, mixed nuts etc) in our house in such large quantities, it's really hard to stay out of it.

I've had to learn that the Lobster can handle kettlecorn but I can't. Once I start, I don't stop. So I don't care if it goes stale, I ain't helping her out on that one.

Didn't know about the baguettes but I'm kinda glad about that!

And, as usual, lovely pictures!

solarity said...

Yay, Frank! Grow fur!

What I do for lunch two days a week (oh, happy happy now that I get to go home for lunch the rest of the time!) is freeze some supper leftovers in microwavable containers and pick one out of the freezer the night before. Sometimes supper bears repetition so well that I don't bother to freeze it and just take it in the morning, but mostly this gives a lot of variety to choose from.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

MIZ said...

when we first moved I was sad there be no costco close by---NOW? Ive realized how much I wasted by purchasing in bulk...

JavaChick said...

Crabby - The baguettes are convenient in a way, because we don't tend to keep a lot of bread around and these are shelf stable for about a month...So handy when you need it, but not so great when they are calling "eat me! eat me!" all the time. :)

Mary Anne - I used to freeze lunches often, but we don't have a lot of space in our current freezer, so I got out of the habit. It does make things easier though!

Miz - Thanks! I do think that Costco is a mixed blessing, as Crabby mentioned. The fruits & veggies are great, but it's easy to get sucked in by other stuff that we don't really need.