Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good-bye February...


February may be the shortest month of the year, but it felt long to me. It's been an extreme winter, that's for sure.


It is also the end of Yoga Month and I'm feeling like I've found my yoga-groove again.

When I first started doing yoga, it was with a DVD. I had bought a Kathy Smith Personal Trainer DVD that included a half hour yoga workout. That DVD routine was enough to make me want more.

The first class I tried was a Kundalini Yoga class that I went to with a friend. It only took one class to know that Kundalini was not for me. When I eventually joined a gym, I decided to try out the class there and was fortunate to land in a class with a really excellent instructor.

I also happened to be experiencing a serious case of "Mouse Arm" around that time. My arm hurt from wrist to shoulder and the pain would even keep me awake at night. I ended up switching to use the mouse with my left hand, which helped with the pain, but my right wrist was weak and it wanted to twist. Getting down on all fours and having my right hand flat on the floor was hard work - my arm would twist. It took a very long time to get my arm back to normal and yoga was excellent therapy.

In the beginning, the classes weren't that challenging - which is probably good considering the condition of my wrist - but as time went on they became more and more challenging. It was hard work, yet at the end of the class I would feel energized.

When I eventually gave up my gym membership, I missed the classes. But for some reason I've had a hard time working yoga into my routine at home. Now I kind of don't want to stop! So it's been a good month.

I'm not ready to give up the yoga yet, but I am going to try and work a few different things in. I'm ready to try running again. I'm going to take it slow and easy, no more than twice a week for now. Hopefully that will work out ok.

Feb 28: Treadmill walk/jog + 1/2 Gentle Hatha Flow #1[36 mins]
Feb 27: Treadmill walk + Yoga for Buns & thighs[65 mins]
Feb 25: Gentle Hatha Flow #2[45 mins]
Feb 24: Treadmill walk/jog[26 mins]
Feb 24: Power Vinyasa Flow #1[30 mins]
Feb 23: Treadmill walk + Power Yoga #3[70 mins]
Feb 22: Detox Yoga #1 + Gentle Hatha Flow #1[40 mins]
Feb 21: Treadmill walk/jog[26 mins]
Feb 19: Joy of Yoga + Gentle Hatha Flow #1[55 mins]
Feb 17: Treadmill walk + Gentle Hatha Flow #1[65 mins]
Feb 16: Element PM Yoga[30 mins]
Feb 14: Fat Burning Yoga[40 mins]
Feb 10: Treadmill walk[45 mins]
Feb 09: Candlelight Yoga[40 mins]
Feb 05: Joy of Yoga & Lunar Flow #1[50 mins]
Feb 04: Fat Burning Yoga[40 mins]
Feb 03: Candlelight Yoga[40 mins]
Feb 02: Treadmill walk + 20 Yoga for Buns & Thighs[65 mins]
Feb 01: Detox Yoga #1[20 min]


We had some warm weather this week, with temperatures actually climbing above zero. Friday night and Saturday morning we had rain and it's amazing how much snow melted away over night. It did start snowing again yesterday afternoon, and then again this afternoon. The forecast is not calling for much snow, but there is a freezing rain warning for tonight.

Looks like winter's not quite over.


MizFit said...

ahhh I am quite familiar with mouse arm :)

husband laments that all the time and Id not even though of yoga as the answer.

great point.

here's to temps above ZERO,


JavaChick said...

Miz - I won't lie, it wasn't easy, but the yoga definitely helped. I actually used to spend some time every day on my hands and knees on the floor, working on getting my hand to go flat on the floor. It hurt. But it did help.

I actually did ask my doctor about it at the time (this was doctor #1 who would actually listen and answer questions) and he said that it was good to do yoga because it would make the tendons stretch in a different direction.

I do still have to be careful, but it is so much better now.

the Bag Lady said...

I have mouse shoulder and it's slowly working it's way down my arm...

Must get back into doing yoga! Thanks for pointing this out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words on my baby news!! XO

Crystal said...

It sounds like you really enjoy doing yoga. Hopefully you can squeeze a home session in once or twice a week. I hear it's a great workout.