Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mission Accomplished - Got in my run

Husband has come down with a cold and he's feeling yucky. Due to the high blood pressure there is not much in the way of medication he can take. We stopped by the pharmacy on the way to work this morning and spoke to the pharmacist - basically he's got cough syrup and tylenol.

So we got home from work and I fed the cats, went downstairs and lit a fire, came back up intending to ask Husband if he minded waiting for supper so I could exercise. Found Husband snoring away in bed. I took that as permission to do my thing.

The running has been going pretty well. I'm just doing my own thing, not following any specific program or schedule. I am taking it slow and easy - even when I think I want to do more. It's been feeling pretty good. Today started out not so good; a few muscle kinks for some reason. So I decided to take it a bit easier. Once I got warmed up it was better. I was listening to a CD while running, and almost at the end of my last interval when a song came on that was just perfect for my pacing...I ended up running an extra three minutes because I didn't want to stop, and I was grinning the whole time. Goes to show how finding the right music can make a huge difference I guess. Any of you out there who still happen to have a CD around with Haywire's Short End of a Wishbone should give it a try. And yes, I realize I am dating myself.

After my walk/jog I did a 20 minute Yoga for Runner's session to finish things off.

Then we had something new for supper. Husband and I came across these Ocean Classic frozen fish fillets. They are single serving packages of sole. Husband, being all health conscious now, was interested in trying them out. So tonight was the night. We also had McCain Sweet potato fries, again Husband's choice. Shocking secret - I'm not that big a fan of sweet potato. I know, everyone else in the world loves them and they are a super food, but I am not crazy about them. I will eat them, but they have to be prepared certain ways. In this case, since they were fries, they had to be really well done. Ketchup also helps. A side of raw red bell pepper & cauliflower with a little bit of Renee's Cucumber Dill (actually my favorite part of the meal) and we were good to go.

The fish fillets are small. If Husband was feeling his usual self, I'm not sure it would be enough to fill him up. They tasted ok. Nothing to write home about, but nothing disagreeable either (just a little bland I guess) and they were easy to prepare, so that was good.

I consider myself to be a decent cook - meaning that I am able to cook food that I enjoy eating. Other people seem quite happy to eat my cooking as well, so I think I do ok. But fish is one of the things that I am not at all experienced in preparing and I feel somewhat at a loss when it comes to trying to work it into our diet. So this may be a step in that direction, who knows. Have yet to hear what Husband thought of the fish. He is looking pathetic and not saying much, poor boy. Hopefully a good night's sleep will help.


MizFit said...

hope your hubby feels better---at least its the weekend now (soon) huh?

and GO YOU for seizing the 'permission' to do your think and deciding even before you found him sleeping :) that you were going to make time for exercise.

Sagan said...

Hope he feels better! Kind of nice that you're both working together on being healthy :)

That's so good that you're making progress with the running- I found that the only time I ever enjoyed running was when I did my own thing rather than following a set program.