Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy New Brunswick Day!

Happy New Brunswick Day or Natal Day or whatever holiday you may have on this first day of August. My sympathies to those who didn't get a long weekend.

This is actually the last day of our vacation. I can't say that I'm looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, but back I will go.

It's been a pretty good week - a weekend home in Nova Scotia, and then a week  relaxing at home in Saint John. The weather has been decent, a little bit of rain but mostly sun.

For the last week I only got in a couple of workouts. I didn't worry about it since I'm on vacation and I didn't want to be feeling like I HAD to do anything. For the most part I have either been puttering in the garden or doing a few things around the house every day - except for Friday when I did mostly sit on my butt all day.

July Workouts
July 01: Gardening[90 mins]
July 02: Gardening[60 mins]
July 03: Gardening[4 hours]
July 05: Solar Flow Yoga + Gardening[60 mins]
July 06: Spartacus Workout[20mins]
July 07: Walk[20 mina]
July 09: Walk[20 mins]
July 11: Jackie Warner Xtreme Timesaver DVD[30 mins]
July 12: Zumba Mix[60 mins]
July 13: Pick Your Level Pilates[30 mins]
July 18: Walk[20 mins]
July 25: Walk[20 mins]
July 27: Pick Your Level Pilates[30 mins]

August Plan
Now vacation is over and it's a new month, I plan to get back into the routine. Though I will continue to make time to work in the garden or stroll outside in lieu of a workout if that's what I want to do. Summer is half over already - I'd rather enjoy the rest of it than stress about working out.

However, I am going to attemp this Seven Days of Yoga Challenge. I figure it might be a good way to ease back into the work routine after a week of vacation.

Husband has agreed to try making some changes to our usual dinner routine, in an attempt to help both of us shift some pounds. I have some ideas, I expect it to be a challenge; we'll see how  it goes.


solarity said...

New Brunswick has its own day? Kentucky doesn't have one. [sulks]

Enjoy your yoga!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

LeslieGoldman said...

Am I the only one who thinks "Happy Natal Day" sounds vaguely birth-related?

JavaChick said...

Mary Anne - I would sulk too! :)

Leslie - I guess it sort of is; check out

the Bag Lady said...

Blogger didn't want to accept my last comment! Sheesh.

Glad to hear you had a restful holiday, and hope your return to work wasn't too stressful.

JavaChick said...

Thanks Bag Lady! I am surviving so far. :)

Miz said...

There's a new brunswick day?

hope you had a great week ...since it was a short one :)
I covet the short one but at least it is friday (finally) up in herre!