Monday, August 8, 2011

Seven Days of Yoga–Done!

Yesterday I completed 7 days of yoga for this challenge and I feel good that I managed to do all 7 days. Some days were short, if that’s all I had time for, but it got done and I enjoyed it. I considered continuing on for the rest of the month but my shoulders are feeling like they need a little break from all that downward dog and chaturanga-ing.. I would like to continue focusing on it though, I feel like I’ve lost a lot of strength and flexibility and if I want it back I have to work at it. Haven’t decided for sure what I’ll do, but today was Pilates which was a change but kept things in a similar vein.

After dinner I took Frank out for a walk. Everything is soaking wet because it started raining yesterday in the afternoon and kept up for most of today. Again. It rained pretty much every day last week. I am scared to go out and look at my garden, it’s probably a swamp by now.

I didn’t take my camera out at first, but I ended up running back for it (again! but this time only once). I was quite fascinated with the water drops that were everywhere. Frank was enjoying being outside, but not enjoying all the water so much. Too bad I didn’t have the camera pointed at him when he tried to step down off his perch and discovered he was cut off by a giant puddle. Kitty may be brave, but he does not like to get his paws dunked. At one point I turned around and managed to catch a deer heading into the trees.

Here are some photos – hope you enjoy!











Christy said...

I love all sorts of mini challenges, so 7 days of yoga is awesome. Not saying that 7 days of yoga is mini - but it's not a year long challenge.... am I making sense? Anyways, you must feel great, I love the way my body feels after yoga!

AmeliaKat said...

Congrats on completing your 7 days! Mom is getting back to her daily practice after an accident and heartily identifies with having to work to get that flexibility and strength back. She lets us kitties hang out in our outdoor cat enclosures on the deck while she does her practice. Gives all of us a chance to be outside together. We like to follow along and do our yoga with her. So does puppy, but she tends to get in the way.

JavaChick said...

Christy - Yes, a 7 day challenge is quite doable and I'm glad I did it. Whenever I get back to yoga I end up wondering why I don't do it more often. :)

AmeliaKat - Outdoor pet enclosures are great. We have one for our cats too. :)

solarity said...

Congratulations on yoga! And on the water photos; Frank could not appreciate them properly.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

JavaChick said...

Thanks Mary Anne! I suppose it was harder for Frank to appreciate the water since I was the only one wearing rubber boots. ;)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Good for you on the 7 day challenge! About the only thing I can make myself do 7 days in a row is change my underwear.

Especially love the flowers and water drops and of course Frank in close up. What a cutie!

JavaChick said...

Thanks Crabby! He is such a pretty cat if I do say so myself. :)