Monday, August 15, 2011

Not the post I planned to write…

I had planned an update on how things are going with our whole eat healthier and lose weight mission, but I’m just not in the right head space for that tonight. The space I am in is the whiney space. Sigh.
Keeping a long story short – we have chinch bugs in our lawn. If left untreated, they will destroy the lawn that we paid good money to have made all healthy and pretty looking. Our landscapers are great, they try not to use chemicals any more than they have to, and they try really hard to not spray inside the cat fence. So a week ago they treated outside the fence. And the cinch bugs decided to move inside the fence. So today they had to treat the lawn inside the cat enclosure, which means the cat door is firmly shut and the cats can’t go out until tomorrow after we get home from work.
Equals unhappy cats.
Lately if Frank gets upset/stressed/frustrated he will start peeing all over the house. Unsurprisingly, we do not enjoy this and would prefer he not do it. So, in an effort to keep him from being too upset, after getting home from work, giving the cats their food, changing clothes, I took Frank up the hill and stood around for an hour so he could sit outside and look for rodents (he’s very good at this and he did find one; we will never have a mouse problem as long as we have these cats). I also brought Zappa out for a bit, though it’s hard to manage both of them at the same time.
Then I came in and heated up leftovers for supper (thank goodness for leftovers), sat down long enough to  eat and watch last night’s episode of Big Brother. Then took Frank back outside until it got dark.
I don’t mind taking Frank out for a little while every day, but spending most of my evening standing around when it wasn’t even nice out (it’s been gloomy all day and all while we were out there Mother Nature seemed to be trying to work up the gumption to rain) was sorta frustrating.
I did not do a workout. I did not practice piano. I did manage to find a few minutes to stuff my face with chocolate. I don’t want to talk about it.
And now Husband and I can likely look forward to a night of trying to sleep while both cats pounce on us and smack our heads with their paws because they want their silly humans to get up and open the cat door already. Yay.
Okay. That’s my whine. As your reward for putting up with me, lets look at some fun new stuff…
There was a sale. They are purty. And also comfortable. #miracleshappen
Broke into the coffee my sister brought me on her unexpected visit home last month.
I loved the packaging and it also turned out to be really good coffee. If you can’t see the fine print on the ‘Trekie’ label, it says ‘Live long and savour.’ I love it! My sister knows me well.
You’re saying: “Wait! Sunscreen is neither new nor fun!” I can’t argue with you. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this Neutrogena sunscreen. Once it goes on I can hardly tell it’s there. That never happens. Granted, I haven’t been to a beach or any place requiring me to be coated from head to toe this summer, but so far so good.
I tried out the BareMinerals one this weekend. I was a little nervous I used it on my face, neck,  chest area and I could barely tell it was there. But I didn’t get burned and did not end up with a greasy face. I liked it.
Where did I test out this sunscreen? Working in the garden yesterday. The sun finally shone for a whole weekend and I finally got out to weed my poor veggie garden.
And look what I brought in:
Lots more garlic out there waiting to be dug up, I dug up this bunch just to see how it was looking. Lots of green tomatoes and blossoms on my plants too, so fingers crossed for a good tomato harvest.
Lots more garden photos on the garden blog. Smile


solarity said...

Poor deprived cats! Poor harassed humans!

What are chinch bugs? Here in the Southeast they're bedbugs, and I'm pretty sure you don't have bedbugs in your grass.

Live long and savour: love that.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

JavaChick said...

Hi Mary Anne! I added a link to my post for more info on chinch bugs, but basically they like to feed on the sap from the crown or stem of grass stalks and they will kill off patches of your lawn. If you don't get rid of them, they just spread and keep on killing your grass. Though I would disagree with one point in the page I linked - our lawn is certainly not poorly tended and it has definitely not been dry with all the rain we've had this summer.

Leslie Goldman said...

Ohhh, I remember growing cherry tomatoes in our yard growing up - my mom would give me a bowl and aks my to go pick veggies for dinner. They'd be warm from the sun and sweet and naturally organic without even trying. What a lovely memory...thanks :-)

JavaChick said...

Leslie - cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden are like candy. Love them! :)

Shirls said...

totally understand the cat thing - change of routine is a major deal.

love the shoes, I want..

big fan of neutrogena sunscreen for exactly the reason you said, you don't feel sticky and like you have something on..

MizFit said...

those damn chinchbugs!!
we struggle with them too.

JavaChick said...

Shirls - You said it! Change of routine is huge with cats. Matter of fact, I don't always respond so well myself. No wonder I'm a cat person.

Miz - You have my sympathies!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Oh dear, the house-bound cat situation sounds quite vexing, hope they're back out soon!

And thanks for the sunscreen recommendations--I HATE the sticky feel of sunscreen & will look to check these out.

JavaChick said...

Crabby - We survived and the cat window is now open for business. Thank goodness. Good luck with the sunscreen!