Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Product Review: Amy's Chili

Due to my extreme picky-eater syndrome and paranoia about "mystery food", I don't tend to buy a lot of prepared/pre-packaged foods. I am most paranoid about anything that contains meat. Can't give an explanation for this really, let's just call it one of those little eccentricities that makes me adorable. Or, you could just shake your head and roll your eyes, which is what Husband would do.

I happened to catch a segment on Food Network on Amy's Chili. It is vegetarian and it caught my interest. Since then, I've seen Amy's products mentioned on various blogs, always with positive reviews. So, when I happened to find Amy's Chili at the grocery store, I decided to pick up a can of the Spicy Chili and give it a try.

Then it sat in the cupboard for a few weeks. Until yesterday. I ran out of my homemade frozen lunches, things having been too busy over the past weekend to get any cooking done. I decided it was time to bring Amy to lunch.

My Review: I liked it! I liked the texture/consistency. It had a nice spicy kick - for me pleasantly so, but I like spicy - and a nice smokey-chili flavor. I will probably buy it again.

I got two JavaChick-sized servings out of it. Along with some fruit, it was enough to satisfy me for lunch.

Now if I just had something for lunch tomorrow...


Sagan said...

Am so glad you reviewed this! I'm all anti-anything processed but I'm thinking it might be useful to have a can of soup or something on hand just in case... I've been pretty interested in trying out Amy's for a while because it keeps getting rave reviews. The ingredients list is pretty respectful on most of their products too. Wish the sodium wasn't so darn high. But you might just have convinced me to try it :)

JavaChick said...

Sagan - I definitely prefer homemade, but sometimes it's handy to have something like this around. I was quite pleased to discover something I like!

MizFit said...

Im not a chili fan.
I dont think.
actually Ive never eaten chili.

(I KNOW...)

I might start here as, unlike Sagan whose path Im TRYING to follow, I dont yet sodium fret.


candlerun (htabby) said...

Well I am back and happy to read you are around still! :D

I have never tried Amy's stuff in fact I have never seen it here.

I read up on all your workouts and you are a machine girl! lol You put me to shame. :D

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Good to know!!! I love chili

nicole said...

That stuff is really good! I love most of their frozen meals.

Haley-O said...

I pretty much LOVE everything AMY'S -- especially since I'm a vegan. I just find their stuff so high-quality and reasonably priced. Their burritos are really good, too (the frozen, individually-packaged ones).

Missicat said...

Sounds good - don't like much processed stuff myself, so I appreciate the review! I just don't like too spicy - how hot is it?

JavaChick said...

Missicat - I did not found it had a pleasant level of spice, but I like spicy food. They have different varieties so you could get a non-spicy one.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Must try... most canned stuff, even the kind that's supposed to be gourmet or natural, tastes like processed dog food to me. I like Amy's frozen enchiladas, this sounds promising!