Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I related My Valentine's Day Story last year, so I won't retell it this year...follow the link if you missed it and want to know...

We were supposed to be having company for the weekend - Sister and Brother-In-Law had been planning to come - but they couldn't make it. I am disappointed, but maybe it's for the best as I am feeling quite worn out. They will plan to come another weekend, and hopefully I'll be in better shape!

All this week I have been feeling overwhelmed and disorganized. My eating habits have been terrible and exercise almost non-existent. Husband has not been himself either, feeling stressed out by the nurse's visit last Sunday.

We met our new doctor yesterday morning. Husband's BP was still 200/120, so he now has some medication to try out and a referral to a blood pressure clinic. He also seems to be accepting that he will need to make some changes, already talking about going on an eating plan to lose weight and starting an exercise program. I just hope that the talk translates to action - I will do my best to help him get there if I can.

We had planned on taking Monday off from work, since we thought we'd be having company. We talked about canceling that, saving the vacation day, but we both decided we could use the extra day off at the moment. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend to rest up and hopefully get caught up on things around here. Hopefully by the time we return to work on Tuesday, things will be more back to normal.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Sagan said...

Hope that the crazyness gets sorted out. That's such a sweet Valentines Day story! Have a good one:)

the Bag Lady said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and hubby! Hope he gets on the bandwagon with you and gets his blood pressure under control!

MizFit said...

happy day off and return to *normal*