Friday, October 19, 2007

Yay for Friday!

Weigh-In: 136 lbs (-2)

So it's official - I seem to have finally broken out of my rut. I had a good solid week of Weight-Watchering and I am down two lbs to 136. Woo hoo! Now I just have to lose 16 more. I'm not even sure I can do that and I'm already questioning whether I will be happy with that weight...One step at a time Miss Java...Get to the first goal, and then you can worry about the next step.

I know I had things on my mind earlier today, but it seems that by the time I get home from work and get supper out of the way, I'm too tired to least for the past couple of days. But tomorrow is the weekend and I can sleep in and relax and maybe then my brain will start working again.

Oh, there we go - just went down to finish filling in my meals for the day and thought of something. Our cupboards were pretty bare tonight, and we were lazy, so we had some leftover chicken from last night, and a package of Lipton Sidekicks Noodles or whatever they are called. They were sitting in the cupboard for just such an occaision - sort of an emergency food if you will.

I remember years ago my roomates and I used to have them quite often (they may have been called something different then, but it was the same thing). They were a cheap and easy filler for 3 young girls on a budget (still can't believe that the three of us survived quite happily on $60 a week for groceries for the three of us - now it's more like $200 a week for two of us...but I digress), I think we had them fairly regularly. Anyway, I was surprised tonight at how salty they were - and I like salt.

Oh well, groceries tomorrow. Now my eyes are getting blurry - time to take out my contacts and settle down with a book for an hour or so, then sleep.

Daily Record

Weight: 136 lbs

BF: WW toast w/Nutella, coffee
Snack: yogurt & raspberries
Lunch: Greek Fest Wrap (greek salad, chicken breast on WW wrap)
Snack: apple
Supper: Chicken, Lipton Side-kick noodles

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