Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Summary

March disappeared on me - guess that's what comes of having company two weekends in a row.

This winter has been frustrating for me, I have had such trouble sticking to a workout routine. Normally exercise is the part that's easy for me. I am hoping, now spring is here - sorta - that the slump is over.

It occurred to me, all this complaining that I've actually gained a few pounds and my clothes aren't fitting, perhaps my irregular exercise schedule has something to do with that. In the past, as I have exercised my little heart out, I've often felt frustrated and disappointed that all that exercise did not translate into losing fat. I found myself thinking that I wouldn't dare stop exercising, because I was afraid I'd gain weight....Oh wait! [Slaps self on head] Perhaps that's what's going on here...Grr!

I don't know. I just know that I'm going to get back to it, amp the intensity back up, and hope that it gets me somewhere.

Mar 31: Treadmill walk + Squats/lunges/plies[55 mins]
Mar 30: Treadmill walk/jog + Biceps & Triceps[50 mins]
Mar 28: Treadmill walk + Yoga For Runners #1[70 mins]
Mar 27: Get Up and Dance DVD[45 mins]
Mar 25: Treadmill walk/jog[37 mins]
Mar 24: Warrior Workout + Treadmill walk[75 mins]
Mar 17: Treadmill walk/jog + 24 pushups + Yoga for Buns & Thighs[65 mins]
Mar 16: Treadmill walk + 25 squats & 26 walking lunges + Lunar Flow #1[75 mins]
Mar 06: Burn & Firm Pilates + Core Yoga #1[65 mins]
Mar 05: Treadmill walk/jog + Yoga for Runners[52 mins]
Mar 04: Power Vinyasa Flow #1[30 mins]
Mar 03: Gentle Hatha Flow #2[45mins]
Mar 02: Treadmill walk + Lunar Flow #1 [67 mins]
Mar 01: Fat Burning Pilates + 6 min Matrix Challenge[46 mins]

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