Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Operation Favorite Jeans: T-8 days

Another successful day. Food was more or less a repeat of yesterday, but that's ok. Another treadmill session after work, plus 20 minutes of Detox Yoga. The plan for tomorrow is something with weights.

Heard from Sister today - normally we have been emailing each other every day but she had been MIA since last Wednesday. Sounds like things got a bit crazy for her too - they've been doing some renovations on their house and of course have been tired/busy. However, they are done for now and Sister is back on the wagon with me - always nice to have company.

We had a pretty nice weekend here, and yesterday was beautiful. I was out in the yard with the cats for a bit after work yesterday, and of course I had my camera with me. Good thing I took advantage of the nice weather yesterday. This morning when we left for work it was still beautiful, but by midday it was pouring down rain and the winds were gusting. Supposed to stay like that for the next few days. Ah well; April showers, right?

You can already see there is more greenery poking up out of the ground, and the little blue flowers that I can't remember the name of. The tulips are also coming along (behind Fred, in the second to last photo). It's so much fun to watch things grow! Also I enjoy looking at my cats... :)

Edit: Thanks Bag Lady! The pictures here of Glory of the Snow do look like my blue flowers and the name sounds familiar.







the Bag Lady said...

Are those little blue flowers called "Glory of the Snow"? Try googling that and check it out.
They are very pretty, regardless of what they are called!
And the cats are, as always, gorgeous!

Sagan said...

Heh, your cat looks so noble and majestic in that last photo. Gotta take advantage of the nice weather when we can!