Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My running woes...

I started to write out my whole history with running, but then I decided y'all don't really want to hear/read that. Not like there is much to tell. In a nutshell: I never was a runner, then suddenly decided I wanted to be. Worked my way up to jogging 17 minutes straight on a treadmill, an accomplishment I was proud of, then I stopped. Not deliberately. Things happen. Life changes.

Now I keep trying to get back. It seems that if I did it once, I should be able to do it again, yes?

I tried Couch 2 5K twice last year and it just wasn't working for me. So I decided to just do my own thing, since that worked before. And I set some rules for myself - I would only run twice a week, I would stick to a slow pace, and I would not push myself; if I felt like I needed to take it easy, I would.

It was going swimmingly, and then it wasn't. The problem: my calf muscles get really tight - feel like they are turning into rocks. It's painful. The last couple of times my left foot went numb.

I guess maybe I have to back off and start all over again, but it's frustrating.

Thinking about what I might be doing differently...

- I have been doing longer sessions. The running intervals have been shorter though, with longer walking sessions in between (because I seem to need them)
- I have been doing less yoga

I guess maybe I should try shortening up the sessions and doing more yoga again, see if that makes a difference?


Crystal said...

How are your running shoes? I used to get some numbness in my right foot and once I switched shoes it went away (evidently they were a bit too snug and cut off the circulation).

I think if yoga helped you loosen muscles and get a good stretch in then that's a good place to start. You'll get there. I am a former sprinter trying to be a long distance runner and the transition is tough!

Sagan said...

Experiment! Do what feels good for your body.