Monday, June 22, 2009

Boot camp continues

It was a dreary, rainy weekend and after a couple of nights of not sleeping well I was ready to do not much. Which is what I did. Read my way through 3 books. Did a little laundry and house cleaning. That's pretty much it.

Today was still dreary and the forecast for the next few days is not promising. So there's very little blog-worthy to talk about except:

1. I can see two deer grazing on grass from my seat on the living room sofa. I'd take pictures except it's too dark and they wouldn't come out.

2. Finished Week 3 Boot Camp workout Saturday, right on schedule, and started Week 4 today.

3. Last week I did the staggered hand push ups from my knees but today I did them from my toes which I feel good about.

I might actually have been able to do the push ups from my toes last week, but the staggered hands position felt awkward and I didn't think I could do it so I didn't try. But this week I figured I'd give it a shot and it was no problem. Yay!

I am liking the way this Boot Camp program keeps me switching things up. I have done Boot Camp type workouts on my own but on my own I tend to be repetitive with my routines. The three different workouts per week keeps things interesting.

But that's all I got. Except:

4. I can't wait for the nice weather to come back!


Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Ya, I'll take the sun back any time now!!

Sagan said...

Congrats on the push ups!! You're awesome with this boot camp and all.

Missicat said...

Push ups from your toes? That is a great accomplishment - I know how tough that is!

~Laura said...

Push ups???? oh my, I would hurt myself for sure! Have a good week:)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Congrats on the pushups! And hope you get some sun soon--we've been waiting forever and finally got some. Glorious!