Monday, July 14, 2008

Kejimkujik photos, take 2

I know I said I'd post these earlier, but the weekend ended up being busier than expected. So, continuing on from where I left off in this post, more photos...(Trying out this Windows Live Writer thing to see if I like it.)

Our campsite:


Backing up a bit, you can see the van parked at the entrance to the site. At night, we'd back it in and there is a bed in the back of the van which is where I slept. Sis & BIL had the tent.


As I mentioned, on our second day we went to Mill Falls. There is a look-off area that looks out over the falls. That is my sister standing at the fence.


From here, we walked up the trail.


We came up evidence of the resident beavers.


There is a floating bridge across the river.


You can feel it bobbing up and down in the water as you walk across. Sis says they have to coax the dog because she really doesn't like it.


On the other side of the bridge, we came to the start of the Beech Grove trail. The walking trails in the park are quite nice, there are interpretive walks that you can do. You will come across the odd bench along the way, or sometimes even picnic areas.



My sister wanted me to get inside the hollow so she could take a picture. I probably could have stuffed myself in there, but my strong aversion to creepy crawlies just wouldn't let me to do it...Even though I couldn't see any, I could see a web at the top and I was too much of a wimp. (Rare occasion here, an actual picture of me, but I thought you might get tired of trees, trees, and more trees...)


Coming back, this is the view of the Mill Falls look-off from the other side of the river.


My last morning, we went for a walk along the trail from Slapfoot beach toward the Jim Charles campground area. It was a damp morning, which made it easier to leave. I never want to leave and head for home when it is bright and sunny.


Also, wanted to say thanks to everyone for the comments on Friday's post. I know I am doing the best I can, working out and trying to eat healthy. Sometimes things just get to me. But I'm hanging in. Eventually I'm sure I'll get back to the weight-loss blogging, but for now it seems like there are usually more interesting things to talk about.


JODI said...

love the camping pics, thanks for sharing... makes me want to head-out for my own vacation but i have to wait til labor day... :o(

freaky - my boyfriend's name in college was jim charles... small world... ;o)

the Bag Lady said...

Great photos! We MUST be related - there's no way I would have crawled inside that hollow tree, either! I'd have had nightmares about spiders in my hair!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Looks like a great spot. I'll have to talk DBF into it for next year...he doesn't like having to drive 2-3 hours home after getting all grungy while camping. :) I love the floating bridge!

JavaChick said...

Jodi - Neat. The Kejimkujik Jim Charles was a hunting guide in the area way back before Kejimkujik became a National Park.

Bag Lady - must be that Nova Scotia bloodline. :)

Bionic - It is a beautiful park. I travel for 4 hours (1 hour driving, 3 hour ferry crossing) to get home after camping. They do have showers though, so I don't tend to feel too grungy.

MizFit said...


but that was with a boyfriend who isnt now my hubby :)


JavaChick said...

mizfit - my hubby doesn't camp either, that's why I go with my sister. :)

Erin said...

So beautiful! I wish I could camp somewhere that looked like that!

Crystal said...

Great pics-makes me wish we had some of that outdoors beauty down here instead of all this swamp land.