Thursday, July 3, 2008

Crawling out from under my rock....

I am home. Have been home since Sunday night in fact. But Monday & Tuesday I totally goofed off and stayed away from the computer. It was nice.

Was thinking I would get back to the blog thing on Wednesday evening...But had mistaken the day that my in-laws would be stopping for the night on their way home from Ottawa...So Wednesday night ended up being busy.

Then this morning we had two extra people to get out of the house. Husband's parents followed us into town so we could all stop for coffee and muffins at our regular coffee shop, then they were on their way home. Of course, in the rush to get out of the house we forgot it was garbage day...until we were driving along seeing the garbage sitting on the side of the road.

Often they are late getting through our neighborhood, so we though if we could get home right after work we might make it...But of course we were late.

It was around 6:15 as we were getting close to home, and we noticed that houses on our side of the road still had garbage sitting out. Could it be that we would make it?

I said "If they haven't gotten to here yet then we should be fine as long as the truck is not pulling up to our house just as we come around the corner." We get to the stop sign, which is four houses down from ours, and the truck is just getting ready to turn onto our street - which means there is one house before the truck gets to us.

And we made it. Tore into the driveway, ran into the garage and then ran down to the street with our bags of garbage. The guy in the truck was grinning at us. I suppose we might have looked a little crazy. But we only get pick up every two weeks, and what with the cleaning spree we went on, we had a couple of extra bags as it was. Sorta felt like a victory. Little adventure at the end of the day.

Now here we are coming up on the weekend again. Gotta love a 3 day work week. Having a hard time getting back into the routine though. Guess I will get myself together over the weekend.

Now I am ready to call it a night. Guess all that excitement, chasing down garbage trucks, was too much for me. ;)


the Bag Lady said...

Hey, you could live in the country like I do and have to take the garbage to the dump yourself!! Of course, then you get to go shopping... when you have a minute, you'll have to have a look at the Bag Lady's story about her latest trip to the dump! Funny you should mention garbage pick-up this week!!:)

Bi0nicw0man said...

Ya, the every two weeks thing can really burn you! Fun story though!

MizFit said...

sometimes I even am loathe to take the vay cay as it sucketh (the technical term) so much getting back to the routine...