Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Are you tired of Sunflowers yet?

Great thing about the Dwarf Sunflowers, they get more than one bloom. And back behind this row of sunflowers, you'll notice my tomatoes are looking lovely and colourful.


The first of my tall sunflowers is blooming also, unfortunately facing the wrong way.


Still catching up on my Beck Diet reading. The third week so far seems to be all about staying motivated, not getting discouraged, recognizing sabotaging thoughs. Very good stuff that I can see myself reviewing. Unfortunately my brain is still kind of scattered at the moment. Not feeling so great today nothing serious, but tired and headache-y.

Eating was good today and I have done my weight workout - doing the kettlebell moves with dumbbells. So far, so good.


the Bag Lady said...

Love the sunflowers, and are those tomatoes ripening?! Some of mine have ripened, and I picked a few of the larger green ones. We've had frost 3 nights out of the last 5....damnation.
Had enough coverings on the tomatoes while we were away camping to keep them safe if it dropped to -40, I swear! But it saved them.

MizFit said...

staying motivated huh?



and NEVER tired of the sunflowers.

love & kinda envious,


JavaChick said...

Bag Lady - Yes those would be my tomatoes turning red! I hope we are a long way off from frost at night...way too early! There is definitely a feel of autumn in the air now though.

MizFit - I am enjoying the sunflowers as well, I never really had a good place to plant them before. :)

Crystal said...

I love tomatoes but I'd have to have patio tomatoes since I don't think the owners of our house would appreciate us planting a garden.

Your sunflowers are beautiful..such happy flowers!

JavaChick said...

crystal - many people have success with patio/container tomatoes. My experience was hit & miss, so I'm glad to have my little garden patch.