Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Getting back in the groove

Hey all! Was planning on a more substantial post, but the evening got away from me so this will be short.

I had a great weekend away. Went to a wedding and got to hang out with old college pals. Visited family. It was a good time. Had a meal at my parents house with new potatoes, green beans and corn on the cobb from the garden, blackberry cream pie for dessert - makes me wish I had more gardening space. I forgot how good new potatoes taste! Normally I could care less about potatoes but these were wonderful, as was every thing else. Oh, and there was my mom's Italian Chicken as well, but that didn't come from the garden...Well the tomatoes the chicken was baked in did. Mmmm.

I'm rambling.

So, I had a good time but now it's time to do damage control. Back on the eating plan. Catching up on my Beck Diet reading, since I forgot to take the book with me.

Also, while flipping through a Self magazine that I bought to read while travelling (on the ferry), came across a 4 week workout plan that I'm going to try - it's 3 different cardio workouts per week, plus 2 weight workouts - though looking at their weight routine, I may see if I can sub in Charlotte's Kettlebell Workouts if I can adapt them to dumbbells.

I did the first cardio workout tonight. It seemed too short - 26 minutes, I added 4 minutes just to round it out to 30 - but the plan has you adding time each week so we shall see. Also did some yoga, just making up my own routine. The yoga is starting to come back to me and feel natural again and I'd like to keep it up.

Garden. Tomatoes getting ripe. Picked some tonight, along with some sugar peas. And one of my tall sunflowers is blooming. Looking good.

Ok, maybe not so short, but somewhat scattered and incoherent. Will try to do better tomorrow!


MizFit said...

DEFINITELY add in charlotte's kettlebell routine (how excited as we for that. the YOU AND I we :)).

and Im the queen of making up my own yoga routine.
it's the one realm where I 'trust' myself to NOT FOLLOW ANY DIRECTIONS and know whats right for me.

I think I have that self mag----off to read about their cardio plan.

WeightingGame said...

Blackberry cream pie? That just started my day off on a beautiful note. Thanks!