Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm sure that most people who are trying to lose weight or build healthy habits will agree that some days it just feels like the universe is conspiring against them. I know I've had those days. But some days things just fall into place, as if it's meant to be.

We are going out to dinner tonight - birthday dinner for a friend - so I knew I wouldn't have time after work for exercise. Not the end of the world really, I've done quite well so far this week. But, at the same time, a day when you are planning to go out and enjoy a restaurant meal seems like a day when it might be good to burn a few extra calories, no?

Then yesterday afternoon we noticed signs up in the lobby of our office building saying that the water would be shut off from 9-4 today. No water in the building would mean the restrooms would not be functioning, so I opted to work from home today.

At which point it occurred to me that if I was working from home, perhaps I could fit in a workout. After thinking about my options, I decided that first thing in the morning would be best. I would not have to travel in to the office, so if I were to get up as usual when the alarm went off, I'd have time for exercise.

However. I am not a morning person at all. I was a little worried that when morning rolled around, I wouldn't be able to make myself get up and do it.

Which is when the universe stepped in.

First off, the cats do their usual and start walking on me and poking at me around 5:30. Usually I get up, let them out into their enclosure (so they can have their morning run before being shut up in the house for the day) and then go back to bed and immediately fall back to sleep. This morning I couldn't get back to sleep. The cats kept coming back and walking on me. Husband must have been snoring extra loud because I could hear him through my ear plugs. Plus, Husband's on-call phone kept beeping; there must have been a page and he was sleeping through it (sometimes he gets a page that he can ignore, which is fine, but I'd appreciate it if he'd make the beeping go away). I was laying there, quite comfy, but unable to get back to sleep. This never happens to me.

In the end, I got up 10 minutes before my alarm would actually go off. I threw on my exercise clothes and went down to the basement where I threw on an exercise DVD. I was finished, showered & dressed, sitting on the couch with my coffee and laptop by the time we would normally be heading in to the office.

I love it when a plan comes together.

*Gratuitous Fabulous Feline Photos*
(Alternate title: My Day in Cat Pictures)






candlerun (htabby) said...

Don't ya love it when things just fall together like that! ;)

the Bag Lady said...

Gotta love it when the stars align, or whatever the hell it is that causes things to fall into place!

Good for you for getting your work-out in, and how nice that you could spend your workday with such nice company!!

Sagan said...

That's great! It's so nice when things just go right like that. Hurray for cats:)

MizFit said...

heres hoping your riding that ALL THINGS FALLING INTO PLACE into the weekend as well...