Wednesday, November 5, 2008

In which I complain about the upgrades to our cable service

Last week our Rogers Digital Cable TV service was "upgraded." The "upgrades" happened Tuesday night/Wednesday; I'm not entirely sure of the time frame, I just know that when I turned on the TV Wednesday after work we had the new software.

We knew it was coming. We had several notifications that "over the next few days" there would be upgrades to our service. It actually took them about 3 weeks to get around to it. To be honest, I didn't give it that much thought. Husband mentioned something about Rogers having to switch middleware providers for some reason or other. I wasn't too concerned about it, so I didn't pay much attention. Silly me.

I like TV. Probably more than I should. In particular, I love my PVR. The PVR took my TV watching to a whole new level. No longer am I slave to television schedules. No longer do I have to sit through commercials. I can record the shows I want to see and watch them at my leisure. It's a wonderful thing.

Other than that, I have never been all that picky about what service we had. Over the years we have switched from Rogers, to Bell ExpressVu, and back to Rogers at Husband's whim. The last switch (which was quite some time ago) was because we wanted the PVR and at the time, Bell would not give a PVR to us because we were existing customers. Bell would only give PVRs to new customers. So we switched to Rogers and I've been perfectly content. Until now.

So Rogers people - if you are out there, monitoring your social media, I am here to tell you that I am very dissatisfied with the "upgrades." I don't like the guide. I hate the menus; the navigation is terrible. I gave it a week to see if I would change my mind, but I still feel the same way. I would really like the old version back. Please and thank-you.

I could go into detail, but I'm sure I've already bored my regular blog friends to tears. I just felt the need to protest, and I didn't know where else to do it. So there is is. New Rogers menus suck.

That is all.


Merry said...

So... if I were a PVR, what would I be?

Is that some kind of TIVO?

the Bag Lady said...

We do not have the option of cable out here in the country - only satellite. We have been using Bell Express-vu for many years.
Recently, they sent us a new Smart Card, which, naively, I assumed would improve our service. In truth, it has gotten worse.
The satellite reception seems to kick in and out, which causes the screen to go black. This has been happening with increasing frequency.

I think it's time to investigate the other satellite provider out here - Star Choice. In fact, if I remember, I'll look into it today!

JavaChick said...

merry - yes, I think a PVR is the same idea as TIVO; basically it is a cable box with a hard drive that allows you to record programs.

bag lady - that would be frustrating. I'd be thinking about switching too.

carla said...

and how great would it be if ALL COMPANIES were out here monitoring their social media huh?

JavaChick said...

carla - based on my current job, I know that many companies do and it is definitely a good thing. But even if Rogers does monitor social media, I doubt that my poor little blog would make it onto their radar. Sigh.

Still, it made me feel a bit better to say it.

Sagan said...

Hehe. I grew up with "farmer vision" tv (about 4 channels), so cable isn't something I care much about. To be honest if it were up to me I wouldn't have cable (but my roommate/sister wanted it so we got it). I don't watch tv anymore... now MOVIES, on the other hand, I watch to excess:) Although, I think that the main reason I don't care much for tv is because of these exact kind of hassles. I'm too lazy to want to deal with technology:)

JavaChick said...

Sagan - I did not have cable TV until I was 27 years old. We grew up with 3 channels. Once I got cable, I became a TV junkie. :)

the Bag Lady said...

Sagan - way out here in the country, without some form of satellite, we can only get 2 channels - CBC & CTV. We call it "peasant-view"!