Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday...back to normal I think

Here is is Monday again. Put a bit of a dent in my Flex Points this weekend, so I'll have to behave for the rest of the week. I did get in two good workouts, but I am thinking at some point I need to take a weekend off from exercising and do a major house cleaning. I feel like it's closing in on me.

Sun is shining this morning, the snow is all sparkly and pretty. According to the forecast it is supposed to warm up today and stay warm for the rest of the week. We are also supposed to get a couple days of rain, which should make a nice mess. Hope we don't end up with another Boil Water Order.

I think that I am finally feeling better. I'm guessing the problem was anti-histamine withdrawal, if there is such a thing. I have seasonal allergies, dust mite allergies, asthma, extremely dry skin that is prone to eczema. In the past, the eczema would come and go, but a couple of years ago it came and stayed. I went to the doctor and got a prescription which helped until I used it all. The doctor didn't give me a refill on it and I couldn't be bothered to go back and sit around in a waiting room for 2 hours for another prescription. So I used hydro-cortisone cream, I took evening primrose oil capules, I moisturized, and finally, after reading that it might help, I started taking allergy pills.

Not that I never take allergy pills mind you, but I haven't had to take them for an extended period of time for quite a few years now. When I moved to Saint John, I found that my allergies didn't trouble me as much, so I would only need to take allergy pills at certain times.

Any-who, I'm not quite sure how long I have been taking them this time, but I know it's been quite a while. I'm not sure whether it was actually doing me any good or not, and I thought maybe it was time to take a break from the pills. So part way through last week, when I ran out, I stopped taking them. And started feeling sniffly, asthmatic, itchy and head-achey. It was not pleasant. I ended up buying more allergy pills on Saturday, just in case, but I think I have finally normalized. I hope.

Just wait, as soon as I post this, I'll be struck down by the Headache Monster and start sneezing again...

Does my life sound like fun or what?

Completely off topic - celebrity news heard on the radio this morning: Simon Cowell does not believe in marriage because after a year, the person you married will take you for everything you've got. Now first off: why exactly is this news-worthy? I'm sure Simon is not the first person to express this sentiment. Does anyone really care whether Simon Cowell wants to get married or not? And, while I generally think it's a pretty sad kind of attitude to have, maybe in Simon's case it's just as well. From what I have seen and heard of him (which, admittedly is not all that much) he seems like a bit of a jerk and I can't imagine why anyone would want to be married to him anyway. Just my two cents on a completely ridiculous news item.

Daily Record
Forgot to weigh myself

BF: yogurt w/berries, coffee w/cream
Lunch: Tortellini Stew
Snack: Grapes
Supper: Kickin' Chicken

Planned workout: C25K - not sure which version


HappyBlogChick said...

Good luck on your c25k run! I'm in week 5 and I fear it may be the one I repeat a couple times. Hey, as long as we get through them eventually it's all good, right?

Glad you're feeling better.

the Bag Lady said...

Glad you're feeling better!
Say, Javachick, what IS Java, anyway? It keeps wanting to update my computer, but it also says it's going to take the rest of my natural life (or, at the very least, 5 hours or something ridiculous)...and I don't even know what it does. Sigh.

JavaChick said...

happyblogchick - I sorta feel like I'm wimping out to be doing a repeat already, especially since I know I used to be able to run for at least 17 minutes straight...But, best not to overdo it I guess.

Bag Lady - sounds like it wants to update your Java Version. Java is a programming/coding language. From your end, you need to have a correct runtime environment installed in order to run Java applications. Probably coming from certain webpages that you view. I don't feel like I'm helping very much. I just write code. Good thing I'm not in customer service. Sorry. :(

the Bag Lady said...

javachick - oh. Well, you're smarter than me, then, because the only code I know is how to signal SOS in Morse Code. My dad was a signalman in the navy during WWII - I used to know more, but have forgotten. A is dot. *shrug* That's about all I remember.
(Still not sure what Java is, but think it's something my computer needs to open certain things on some web pages...right? **stop laughing at me, I'm old!! This stuff is confusing to old people!!)

the Bag Lady said...

Sheesh, I wish Blogger would let us edit out comments....I forgot to put the smiley face at the end of my comment so you'd know I was joking.... about the old part, I mean.
Oh, hell. I'll stop now.

JavaChick said...

Bag Lady, you are a riot. You've pretty much got it right. Java is installed on your computer, and it wants to update to a new version. Could be because of web pages, could be because of some other application. And these days I guess Windows has a version of Java installed anyway. Not updating shouldn't really hurt anything; you may run into something that won't work quite right, you may not.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I like the kind of java you drink much better than the sort that keeps interrupting us on our computers!

And Simon Cowell sounds kind of like an a**hole if you ask me.

And I too am glad you're feeling better.