Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend update...

Sad to say, Friday's enthusiasm faded away as I developed a headache in the morning that would not go away. I took Advil at lunch time. Still had the headache. Had hoped to do either a workout or some housecleaning on Friday night, but ended up sitting on the couch with my headache, then finally taking more Advil and going to bed.

The weather on Saturday was snowy...


It wasn't too bad in the morning though, so I was able to get out and get my hair cut...

...and get a new pair of sneakers.

Not sure about the sneakers though. They only had 2 pairs in my size. I went with the Mizunos because that's what my last pair was and I really liked them. Tried them out on Saturday afternoon with my C25K Week 3 session and I was actually not very comfortable with them. Good thing about The Running Room though, I have 30 days to try them out indoors, and if I don't like them I can take them back.

The week 3 session was pretty challenging, honestly; I'm thinking of maybe alternating week 2 and week 3 for a couple of weeks to build up to it. Or maybe I was just trying to go to fast and I need to slow it down. The pace that was comfortable for a 60 or 90 second run may be too much for a 3 minute run until I get used to it. I'm not sure what to do there.

Anyway, I will give the sneakers another try tomorrow, taking it a bit easier one way or the other, and see how it goes.

Other than that, and my workout today, I got very little done this weekend. Feeling tired. Can't believe the weekend is pretty much over already.

Leaving you with one more picture of feeding time at the zoo...


...and off to bed I go!


the Bag Lady said...

Hair looks great! Weather looks terrible (made me shiver!)
Sneakers look sneaky.
Cats look fabulous, as always!
Sorry to hear about your headache - hope all is well now.
Brrrr - still shivering. Think I'll go get in a nice warm tub!

JavaChick said...

Thanks Bag Lady, I posted the pictures just for you. :)