Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wonders never cease

So, after Moon's first experience with the treadmill (on Feb 24), he managed to avoid a return engagement. Every so often I would gently inquire if he was going to use the treadmill today, but somehow there was always a reason not to.

Today, driving home from work, out of the blue he says when we get home he's going to grab a snack and run down to the treadmill. Shock. Shocked, I tell you. Could have knocked me over with a feather. However, I decided that perhaps shock was not the appropriate reaction to respond with, so instead I said that was a good idea.

That changed my plans around a bit. I tend to prefer any attempt at running to be on a nearly empty stomach, so I was planning to do my C25K thing before supper, but I figured Moon would be hungry after the whole exercise thing, so I made supper instead.

The downside to that is: I was already kinda hungry and I ended up munching on this and that while I puttered around in the kitchen. The Flex Points are disappearing at a rapid pace this week.

I did get in my walk/run session though and I tried the new sneakers again. This time I went back to the week 2 session and I slowed the pace and the sneakers were still very uncomfortable. Actually, my feet went numb. Not nice at all. I forced myself to do 2 miles, but it wasn't fun. So, much as I hate returning things, they'll have to go back. Hopefully they can find something else for me.

Daily Record
Weight: 143.4

BF: yogurt & berries, coffee w/cream
Lunch: WW Pita, spicy hummus, raw cauliflower
Snack: grapes
Supper: Chili

Planned workout: Burn & Firm Pilates DVD


the Bag Lady said...

Men! Sheesh. Always screwing up our plans. :)
Actually, good for Moon that he got on the treadmill, and sorry to hear that it messed up your plan. Also sorry to hear that your shoes aren't working out. Hopefully, you can find a pair that are more comfy!

EC said...

Good for you for keeping with it - I have failed rather miserably on the C25K run... I swear I'm picking it up again this week!! It is Tuesday so I'm just going to start over :)

JavaChick said...

Bag Lady - I was so happy that hubby voluntarily got on the treadmill that the rest of it is just minor inconvenience. The man spends almost all of his waking hours sitting behind a computer, he needs to move.

Erin - The important thing is that you keep trying. :)

sauchagirl said...

I had trouble with some new sneakers as well. There is nothing worse than trying to do a hard workout and it becomes harder because you are terrible pain. I commend you for keeping it up!

HappyBlogChick said...

That is a sad sad story about the sneakers. I am sending good sneaker vibes to you so you can use them on your next shopping trip.

Yay for Moon getting on the treadmill!