Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another weekend bites the dust

Where do they go? The weekends just never last long enough.

I did have a little bit of time tonight where I thought it might be nice to take my book out to the hammock and relax for a bit. But the hammock was already occupied.




Who am I to argue with that? So I puttered around and pulled a few weeds. Not much later I saw a couple of deer out enjoying the evening as well.

You probably can't see it in this first picture, but there is a deer up at the top.


I used the zoom for these shots. There are two deer in most of them.





Now, I hate to give in and go to bed because that means the weekend is over...but I'm tired, so off I go.


Crabby McSlacker said...

So cute, the cat in the hammock! But at our house, the cat has to share, especially if the alternative to relaxing involves humans doing chores. It's "move over kitty" in my neck of the woods.

JavaChick said...

Yeah...I am a big softy...If a cat is sleeping in my spot on the sofa, I go sit somewhere else. Must get additional lawn furniture...Let's see...Two cats, plus one person equals seating for 3...Good thing Husband doesn't care to hang out in the yard with us, the yard isn't that big.

Missicat said...

Javachick, I am like you. I have accepted that Bad Cat owns it all. He would love a human sized hammock - already has a small cat sized one. Yes, he is hopelessly spoiled....

the Bag Lady said...

Such great photos! I'd probably make the cat share the hammock with me!!

JavaChick said...

I'm with Missicat - The cats own it all. But later when George vacated the hammock, I did stretch out in it...and in no time, George was back for some cuddles. So I guess he doesn't mind sharing.

WeightingGame said...

I just got a freestanding hammock and LOVE it! I don't have a cat to pose on it tho...cute pics!

Sagan said...

Thats an adorable picture of your cat in the hammock. My cat likes to try to steal my bed and my chair at dinner, too. They're so sneaky.

MizFit said...

I knew I was a dog person :)

actually my bullmastiff TRIES to get into the hammock and cant but provides us with endless hours of comedy----so it's all good.

love the deer pics.
I used to more think of them as crazed things which regularly come thisclose to running into my vehicle (!) but my daughter adores them so Im finally seeing them thru her eyes...


JavaChick said...

Truth is, I don't mind sharing my hammock with the cats. I adore them!

And the deer? Enjoy watching them, happy they can't get at my garden now!