Friday, February 29, 2008

Sunny Friday!

Weigh-In: 143.1 (-0.6)

It's actually cold out, but the sun is shining so from indoors it looks like a beautiful day! Even better, it's Friday!

It's also weigh-in day, and after all my hard work this week, I am down 0.6 lbs. It's not much, and I am bummed that I am ending February at a higher weight than I was at the end of January...but I am hoping it is the start of a downward trend. I feel like I kicked-butt last week, even with my pizza & Coke indulgence yesterday. My eating was on plan, and I had 12 unused Flex Points by the end of yesterday. I spent a grand total of 360 minutes exercising, including Week 2 of Couch-to-5K. I feel like maybe I've gained a bit of momentum, and hopefully that will keep me going.

I took last night off from exercising and went to bed early. I'm feeling a lot better today. Which is good, because I won't have my usual Saturday-morning-sleep-in tomorrow. I have an appointment for a haircut, then I'm going to buy new sneakers and pick up groceries. After that I will have the afternoon & evening to myself - bring on Week 3 of C25K!

I sound like I'm in a really good mood today, don't I? Gotta love Fridays!

Daily Record
BF: yogurt & raspberries, coffee w/cream
Lunch: Tortellini Stew
Snacks: raw cauliflower, grapes
Supper: Takeout from Thai Hut


candlerun said...

Glad to hear things are on the ups or should I say downs now... :)

2 questions:
1. can I link you on my blog so it is easier to get to?
2. what is this c25k you always mention... I have never heard of it. Is it a run training program that you are doing.

Cheers! And keep up with the excellent blogging!

JavaChick said...

candlerun - yes, feel free to link to my blog. The C25K is my shorthand notation for Couch-to-5K, which is a learn to run program. I used to do a little bit of running, back in my gym membership days, but I was never what you would call a runner. We got a treadmill for home in January, so I decided to try following an actual "learn to run" schedule. So far, so good.

the Bag Lady said...

You certainly do sound like you're in a good mood!
Hair CUT? or trim?
The Bag Lady needs a haircut. But it's not spring yet. She used to have long hair like you, but has recently been keeping it short. It's supposed to make her look slimmer. (She thinks, actually, that it makes her head look like a pea sitting on a pile of poop, but what does she know?)

meredi said...

Thanks for your note yesterday, I appreciated it! :)

I am also pleased to discover that JavaChick refers to the language, not the beverage (or at least I'm assuming that, based on the fact that your profile says you're in software development)! Very cool. I was a Java girl in a previous life.

Congrats on a loss. It's fabulous that you're feeling like you have some momentum. Ride it for all it's worth! Yay for Fridays!

jodi said...

thanks for the comment on my blog, means a lot!

congrats on your loss this week too, try and not let the numbers get you down... progress is progress! :o)

have fun getting your haircut and buying sneakers (did both myself this week)... :o)

sauchagirl said...

Your Saturday morning sounds like fun. Wish I could join you. :) Great job on your loss. All the hard work will probably catch up with you next week.

candlerun (htabby) said...

Thanks for letting me link! I am glad you are enjoying your c25k program (now that I know what it is) lol