Monday, October 27, 2008

Bracing myself

Busy week ahead...

Dinner out tomorrow night (2nd wedding anniversary dinner for friends) and a Halloween party on Friday. Need to finish sorting out costumes, find out if I need to bring anything to the party on Friday night, and figure out what to do with my hair.

When I got my hair cut on Saturday, I decided to go shorter, and have the layers cut shorter which may not have been a good idea. Not that the cut was bad - I'm happy with it - just not great timing. I am next to useless when it comes to styling my hair or putting hair up or anything like that. I was used to my longer hair and would have been able to deal with it. This is all new so I have no clue.

Planned ahead last night and made a meal that would give us leftovers for tonight. Wednesday & Thursday will likely be from the freezer. I am hoping to get 3 workouts in (tonight, Wednesday, Thursday).

Yep, gonna be an interesting week. Wish me luck.


candlerun (htabby) said...

Wishing you all the best in luck to you! ;) It sounds like you have a plan, now go to it girl. :D

Oh! I so know what you mean about when you are so used to having longer hair and the styling thing. It really throws you off when you are used to doing things one way. I am sure you are going to find something that works perfectly. :)

Crystal said...

You can do it! It helps just to have dinner already figured out ahead of time. I haven't even started looking at halloween costumes for my shindig on Friday and my chore list grew overnight.

Have a kick-butt workout week!

Sagan said...

Good luck! And I'm the same with hair, can't style it for the life of me. But I'm sure you'll figure it out real quick!

MizFit said...

will we get to see the new head??

hope you are flowing with the stress (which I so TRY to do) and not fighting against it.


the Bag Lady said...

How much hair did you cut off?! Show us, show us!!!

Carolyn said...

I love getting all my cooking done on Sunday or Monday and then through the week, I just have to come home a re-heat. Soooo much easier.

I'm looking for something good to bring to work for Halloween and also to a Halloween party on Saturday so if you find something great, let me know!!

PS Thanks for commenting on my blog, I just spent that last 15 mins back reading your posts!! :)