Friday, October 24, 2008

Let's talk about food....

It's weigh in day for me, and for the second week in a row I am up. I don't really have an explanation. I won't say it was a perfect week, but I thought I was doing fairly well. Yes, I know. These fluctuations can happen for many reasons. But seriously. A year. No progress. I don't want to talk about it any more.

Today...Well...Had an itchy, scratchy throat this morning so I gargled with Listerine; think I may have swallowed a bit by mistake and my tummy has been feeling funny ever since. Could be my imagination.

Have been virtuously eating my toast with almond butter for breakfast, ignoring coffee shop muffins for the past 3 weeks. This morning, I decided to heck with it. I'm having a muffin. I was hoping for chocolate chip, but they didn't have any. Had a carrot muffin instead, which has grated carrots and raisins...Almost good for me!

Yes, that's me being delusional. Blame it on the Listerine ingestion.

Then, at our morning meeting there were the usual chocolate chip cookies. Normally I have no trouble ignoring them because they aren't that good. But today they did look good so I ate one. It was ok, but not as good as the chocolate chip cookies I make. Just sayin'.

Decided to buy my lunch today, for a change. I had a falafel wrap and fatoush salad. It was yummy.

Then around 4:30 I had a beer. At work, sitting at my desk. But I did say no to the potato chips that were also offered.

Then we stopped for takeout on the way home and I had Green Thai Curry with rice.

Friday = Fun Food day!!!

Ok, so not a typical day.

I keep saying that food is my problem. It must be right? Because I do exercise. I'm not just making it up when I post about my workouts. So it has to be the food. During the week, my breakfast, lunch, snacks are pretty consistent. Evening meals and weekends tend to be where it all breaks down. Even then, I've always thought I wasn't doing too badly.

And yes, I have considered that perhaps this weight is just where my body wants to be. Problem is, this is not where my ego (vanity?) wants to be. Some days I can deal. Other days I look in the mirror and want to cry. I remember being slim. I'm having a hard time accepting the chubby.

Plus, technically speaking, I have that "overweight" label hanging over my head. I don't like it.

Coming back to the food again (I'm just a boomerang today aren't I?)...Every so often I will pull out a stack of cookbooks, look through them for healthy, [hopefully]tasty, low-cal meal ideas. I make lists. Meal plans. It lasts about a week and I get frustrated and lazy. Husband will have been less than excited about my efforts. I will be tired of cooking and washing dishes, coming up with new ideas. We go back to the tried and true. The easy meals. Which aren't necessarily unhealthy meals. Just not the optimum for weight loss.

But perhaps I need to make more of a commitment to it. Perhaps if I focus my blogging on healthy eating adventures, it will help me make that commitment. I did say that I need something new to occupy me now that gardening season is over.

I haven't come to any firm decision on this yet. Still mulling things over. I may still wimp out because I am at heart a lazy a busy person, with only so much energy to go around. But, I'm considering it.

And a non-food related P.S...

Some photos from today; can you spot the deer? There are two of them in there.




Here is Fred, eating some tasty grass.


And George peeking around the corner (sorry, this one is really blurry).


Suddenly Fred bolted across the lawn.


Looks like one of the deer startled him.


These were taken when we got home from work. I could see the deer when we pulled into the garage, so after I fed the cats I took my camera and went outside. I went to the corner of the fence and was able to take the photos, even though the nearest deer was not all that far away from me.

This was my second deer encounter of the day. The cats wake me up around quarter to five in the morning, wanting to be let out into their enclosure. So I stumble down, let them out, and then go back to sleep. On a good day, but the time we're up and ready for work, they are both back inside. Today was not a good day. I had to go out and get Fred, and let me tell you, he was not wanting to come out from under his bush. But the highlight - there was a deer standing right up against the opposite side of the fence (right behind my urns - all summer the bits of the plants that poked through the holes in the fence got chewed off, guess I caught one of the culprits in the act). I couldn't help but stand there and watch him for a few minutes before I dragged Fred out from under his bush. The deer stayed there the whole time. Guess he wasnt' finished with his snack.


the Bag Lady said...

Try my trick for a week. Use a smaller dish. Instead of a cereal bowl, I use a fruit nappie. Instead of a dinner plate, I use a lunch plate. Forces you to eat smaller portions. I've lost about 6 lbs this way. Of course, now I've hit a plateau, so I might be forced to start using doll dishes.....

candlerun (htabby) said...

You know it is hard when we have our own vanity thing going on... you know that wonderful wt and look we all strive for that will make us personally happy. I am not talking super model thin or anything, just happy. Sometimes when we feel we are doing everything right and it isn't going the way it is supposed to, maybe a reflection time is needed and to start back at the basics. But you already know these things that you can do - and it takes the whole household to be supportive.

I don't think you should give up and be happy where you are. Maybe you just have not found the right means to lose it yet.

btw - to wake up and see deer most of the time would be a dream for me. ;)

~Laura said...

Your cats are soooo pretty! I have one outside cat that looks similar but not as furry.

Keep your eyes on the weight loss and keep thinking about what will work for you!

Crystal said...

"I remember being slim." I hear you girl. It's tough when it seems like it was not that long ago when you were looking slim and trim and then, over time, woke up to a different view. All we can do is keep plugging away and do our best every day. Choices, choices...

You will get there.

Sagan said...

Love the photos!

It's good to have a day every once in a while when you go for that muffin and such. Just make sure that you really enjoy it and are happy with your choice when you do it! It's all about the enjoyment of it.

And isn't that such a struggle, between what your body is happy with and what your mind wants? It's difficult to achieve that delicate balance!