Saturday, October 18, 2008

Let playful cats lie...

Today, after admonishing Husband to be careful because Fred was in a mood, I foolishly poked at the playful feline with my foot. My carelessness resulted in a scratched foot. I bent down to examine my foot; no serious damage, just a couple of minor scratches - my own fault because I know better. Then I noticed something...

"Wait! Where's my toe ring?"

It did not take long to discover the toe ring on the floor, all but broken in two. It made me sad.


Eight years ago, I traveled across the country to visit one of my sisters who had moved to Vancouver. During that visit, in a touristy little shop in White Rock, we both bought toe rings; I bought a third to bring home to our youngest sister.

I've never grown tired of the moon and stars pattern on that ring, and for eight years, the little ring has reminded me of that trip.


I know I can buy a new one if I really want to. But it won't be the same; it won't have those memories attached to it.

Then again, perhaps the sight of a new and different ring on my toe would serve as a reminder not to go poking my feet at my 17 lb cat when he's in a wild & playful mood.


the Bag Lady said...

If it's real silver, perhaps it can be repaired. Take it to a jeweler to find out.

MizFit said...


you are my kindred something.

a cheap toering from my grateful dead days.

broken like that when I took it off and went to replace it on a different toe.

I echo BL. mine? so.not.real.silver.

JavaChick said...

Thanks ladies...I think it is silver, I will check into getting it fixed. I'm guessing there was a weak spot from being bent opened/closed to take it off & putting it on. But you never know, maybe it can be fixed.

Sagan said...

That's impressive that your cat managed to do that!

I've broken rings before, and I tend to keep them. The shattered pieces. I'm strange. But it likely can be fixed! You should be good:)