Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mid-Week Check In

Here we are half way through the week already! I have to say, for being the first week back to work after two weeks of holidays, it’s gone by pretty fast.

So far I am 3/3 with my workouts for the week and I’m feeling good.

The weather has been warm – relatively speaking – hovering around 0 – 2 degrees Celsius most days. I’m loving it!

And I’ve managed to fit in some piano time every day.

I call that a successful week so far.

Tonight was weights, followed by Steady State Cardio. Supper was in the Slow Cooker, so I told Husband he could eat whenever he wanted and came downstairs to do my thing.

Since it was the first time doing the weight workout, it took me a little while to get situated, and then I was having such a good time walking on the treadmill, singing along to my tunes (very badly), I decided to walk for 15 minutes longer than I had planned.

Then I realized I had forgotten that I still had Abs to do. I decided I’d better leave that for tomorrow.

When I went upstairs, sure enough, Husband had not eaten and he was starving. Don’t know why he does that when the food is sitting there, all ready to be eaten. It’s not like he even sat down and ate with me – he was online playing a game and had to rush back to his computer. Silly Husband.

Anyway, dinner was our recently discovered favorite: Chicken & Lentils. We had some Naan on the side.


I added a little dollop of sour cream on top, since we have some in the fridge. So yummy!

And now it is piano time, so I leave you with today’s thought from Happy Bunny (Sister gave me a calendar for Christmas)…


What can I say? It makes me chuckle.


Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

I totally need to try making that chicken & lentils. Not sure FH would like it, but so what! :)

the Bag Lady said...

Love the calendar!

And your chicken and lentils looks yummy!

Have fun with the piano.