Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday. It’s Tuesday.

I keep wanting to say Wednesday for some reason. Last week went pretty fast, but this week I seem to be completely off. Anywho…

I was not paying attention when I grabbed the carton of Almond Breeze from the fridge this morning, so I ended up having chocolate oats…


…Not that I’m  complaining.

For lunch:



I was so very stuffed when I finished all of that food. Well, maybe not stuffed, but I did not get hungry for a very long time.

That did not stop me from having a little treat this afternoon:


In the middle of the afternoon I just seem to need a little something, and mint chocolate always seems to hit the spot. For 40 calories, not a bad little indulgence.

Though, in the spirit of accountability, I did raid my candy stash when I got home from work; the sweet tooth seems to be working overtime today.

After my candy break, I did my workout for the day – Superset Weights Workout, then Abs, then steady state cardio. The the Ab workout was not the best because a certain feline was quite determined that it was cuddle time. How long can you hold a plank with a cat rubbing up against your face? But the laughing and cuddling made up for it. I took it easy on the cardio and kept it to 30 minutes, don’t want to push it after yesterday.

Supper was from the Slow Cooker. I adapted Giada Di Laurentiis recipe for Chicken Spezzatino for the slow cooker. Turned out quite well, if I do say so myself.

With Sunflower Bread from The Baking Stone in the City Market:


IMG_8374 IMG_8375

Husband is currently making Mulled Apple Cider to warm us up on this chilly night!


carla said...

and now its wed. :)
please to not rush the week as I have a loooooooooming work deadline fer friday.


The Merry said...

You confused me! I thought 'wait a minute, wasn't today Wednesday?'

I must have missed this post yesterday. Probably because I was sulking.

JavaChick said...

carla - not so much rushing the week, more just losing track of where/when I am.

merry - Yes, sorry to confuse you! Didn't manage a post yesterday.

Gina said...

Oh that Giada recipe does look super delicious. I've seen many bloggers do Giada recipes lately, yet I've never tried any. I should, as I'm Italian and she does Italian in a way that I can understand/relate to, and it's usually fast :)

The cider sounds fantastic. We like to do hot cocoa on chilly nights, but hot cider would be a nice little change.

candlerun (htabby) said...

Love it that you are still around! Great pics as always and missed the kitties. :0)

JavaChick said...

Gina - I have her Everyday Italian cookbook and I like it a lot. So far I've had good results from it.

candlerun - Yep, the felines and I are still here. Glad to see you back! :)