Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snowy Day

It started out like this…



And it just kept snowing all day.



This is the first real snow we’ve had since the beginning of the month though, so we’ve had it pretty easy so far.

The roads were messy, I was glad Husband was driving and that we had winter tires on the car.

Cardio Intervals? Again?

It seems not that long ago that I was looking forward to intervals and feeling happy about it. It was going so well there for a while. Today I was all ‘Intervals again? Didn’t I just do intervals?’

It’s not so much fun because the running is not feeling so great anymore. Again. I may just have to give up on this running thing, I don’t know.

Anyway, today I alternated walking and running intervals, so it was less running; similar to what I did on Monday. I may have to stick with this for a while and hope the running thing gets better again.

Lazy Food Blogger

I was taking pictures all day, but I realized at supper time that it was nothing you haven’t seen already this week. And it’s only Wednesday.

- Yogurt & coffee for breakfast

- Raw veggies & Amy’s Kitchen Burrito for lunch

- After Eights for my afternoon treat

- Tomato & cucumber salad, Beef Curry Hotpot for supper.

It would just be boring to see all that again, right? So to save time (yes Bag Lady, for the piano) I decided to skip it.

However, I did decide that such a snowy night calls for an appropriate dessert; time for Mr. Hot Chocolate Maker to come out and play again.




Off to the piano I go!


The Merry said...

I feel your pain. Running isn't fun.
Though I do like what it's doing to my waistline.

the Bag Lady said...

Ooooohh - hot chocolate! Yum.

Methinks we are in for some snow, too, later today or tomorrow.

yippee. (can you feel the enthusiasm?)

candlerun (htabby) said...

Wow! That's lots more than we have... mind you we are due here soon.

That hot chocolate looks sooooo good! Love the little maker.

As for the cardio? I hope you find what fits for you. Maybe it was just an off day and the next time you may feel differently.

Stay warm!