Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I wore my pretty  new boots today…


I had happy feet all day. Looks like I will be back to snow boots tomorrow though. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

I actually packed yogurt and an apple for breakfast today, but on the way in to town I decided I really wanted a carrot muffin and if they had any, that’s what I would have for breakfast. Despite my lifelong hatred of carrots, the Texas Carrot is my favorite Java Moose muffin.

So we got there and they had carrot muffins! Yay! A carrot muffin was ordered for me, and a Summer Berry muffin for Husband.

When I got to work and opened my muffin, I saw:


Summer Berry. I thought: Poor Husband is not going to be happy; he doesn’t like carrot muffins at all.

But, it turns out we somehow both got Summer Berry. It was still a good muffin, just not quite what I had been wanting. Oh well. At least I wasn’t going hungry, right?

For lunch, I started with my veggies:


Oh, and you can see the apple peeking out in the background; I was too full to eat it after my muffin.

Then for lunch tried a new-to-me Amy’s Kitchen meal:


Which was sort of all frozen on one side of the container…


But it still heated up all right.


It was good. In both of the Amy’s Indian meals that I’ve tried, the Paneer is my favorite part. I always eat that first, then mix all the rest of it together. Aside from the Paneer though, I think I prefer the Burritos.

Afternoon treat – x2


It was a busy day, but the afternoon felt long. I guess it was a tiring day. I was glad to head home.

Today was Supersets, Abs and Steady State Cardio. This was the easy cardio, but today it felt hard. Guess I really was/am tired.

Very simple salad because I was feeling lazy – cucumbers & tomatoes with Renee’s Cucumber Dill dressing.


I probably wouldn’t have bothered to make this except I remember the cucumber needed to be used. I ended up being glad that I’d made the effort though.

And main course from the slow cooker – Beef Curry Hot Pot over Basmati Rice.


Watched Castle with dinner. Cleaned up the kitchen/washed dishes, cut some veggies for tomorrow’s lunch.


And now I’m done.

These past few nights, but the time I’ve done everything I have to do, I’m tired and I just want to crawl into bed with a book for a while. So, no piano for the past couple of days which is disappointing. Tomorrow I will make sure there is time.

Good night!


candlerun (htabby) said...

mmm that Indian cuisine looks very tasty...

well you def sound like you have been busy the last couple of days. Still managing to get your workouts in, Great! I read back about the piano! Looks very nice. :0) I wish I played... I actually went back to the guitar myself. lol I'll post a pic sometime of my new one. :0)

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Bummer about your muffin. :(

I don't know how you can just eat one or two After Eights. Those are my alltime fave Xmas treat and I plowed through a box in two sittings. LOL.

Sagan said...

Cute boots!!

I get really sad when I order something and they give me the wrong thing. Somehow it's just super, super disappointing when that happens.

the Bag Lady said...

I love those boots!

And the food ALL looked yummy to me. I think I need to get some groceries soon - I have almost no fresh food. Sigh.