Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 2 – off to a not-quite-stellar start


Oh, that Happy Bunny…

Yesterday I decided to get a jump start on my workout schedule for the week. I did exercise on Saturday, but that was a low intensity workout and I figured it could count as an active rest day. I am supposed to check in with Lindsey every Friday with my workout log for the week, so it just works out better for me to start my week on Sunday and finish on Thursday.

My first workout of the week was Rounds – as in how many rounds of this circuit can you do in 20 minutes – followed by Steady State Cardio and Abs. The Rounds Circuit included jumping rope again. Which I did 5 x 100 of. My legs were shaky when I finished. I started out my cardio nice and slow, until I felt like my legs were steady again.

After my workout yesterday I immediately downed a glass of Bolthouse Vanilla Chai protein drink. Then after a shower had an Amy’s Kitchen Burrito. Then I puttered around til Husband got home, ran out to Canadian Tire (for a new set of dumbbells) and then got groceries. Then came home and made supper. By the time I sat down to supper I was feeling pretty tired and I thought: I’m going to sleep well tonight.

Unfortunately, an hour later my legs were killing me. Not that good you’ve-worked-your-muscles-hard feeling either. More that stop-all-that-jumping-and-running-around-nonsense-or-your-ankles-and-knees-are-going-on-strike feeling. I was even too tired to play my piano last night; I just curled up with a book until bed time.

I was feeling not too bad today. Legs were a little fatigued, but nothing too terrible. Then I got on the treadmill to do my cardio intervals and I knew right away it was not going to be a good day, even backing off on the intensity. Sometimes it takes me a good 15-20 minutes to get warmed up, so I decided I would get through 5 of my intervals and see how I felt…And how I felt was: I’m done.  So it was a short workout today. Hopefully things will be feeling better tomorrow.

Eating was not too bad though.

I scarfed back breakfast before thinking to take a picture, but I had:


Made with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, and sweetened with a bit of Maple Syrup. And coffee of course.

Around mid morning I had:


I was totally uninspired when trying to come up with meal plans and a grocery list this weekend, so lunch this week will be courtesy of Amy's Kitchen. Today was a burrito, with a side of raw veggies.


These pictures are from last night because I knew we’d be having leftovers tonight.

Taco filling – extra lean ground sirloin with onion, orange bell pepper, jalapenos, tomatoes, chili powder, cumin and coriander:


A quick salad of bagged lettuce mix, topped with some shredded cabbage and carrots and Renee’s Cucumber Dill Dressing.


Then tacos – on PC Blue Menu Whole Grain Jalapeno and Corn Tortillas.


There’s a generous blob of refried beans on the bottom, a little bit of the hamburger mixture, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream and piquante sauce.

So that was dinner last night. Tonight was pretty much the same except by the time I finished my cardio intervals I just wanted to sit down so I was too lazy to make the salad. At least I had a big pile of veggies with my lunch.

After supper I felt like I wanted something else but couldn’t figure out what. I actually rejected chocolate and cookies – shocker – because I knew that wasn’t it. I finally settled on:


Which hit the spot.

Lastly, random cute picture from last Thursday – here’s Frank all ready for a game of make-the-bed.


Not so cute – the reason I was making the bed which was coming home from work to find that some feline-or-other had thrown up a hairball on my pretty white and blue quilt.

Even less cute, when I went into the bedroom after supper tonight to find out that someone had done it again. But at least Frank will get another game of make-the-bed.

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Jackie said...

Gotta love those hairballs. Why do they always pick the softest, comfiest hardest to clean spot to do that. It's never the tile, or hardwood or vinyl flooring.