Monday, June 23, 2008

Is it the weekend yet?

Seriously. I feel like I missed the weekend somehow.

I wouldn't say that I am a lazy person, I don't think. But where some people seem able to go, go, go, all the time, I find I need a certain amount of downtime. I have learned my limitations over the years, and those little extra sleep ins on the weekend, and a couple of hours just sitting down reading or watching some TV keep me from feeling overwhelmed.

This weekend, I feel like I hardly stopped. Husband woke me up this morning and I was very confused about why he was waking me up. Surely, surely, this must finally be the day that I can take it easy and relax?


It's Monday.

I won't say it was a bad weekend, just jam-packed.

Workouts? No time. Eating? Well, I guess there's a bonus there - no time for between meal snacking, even if meals were not necessarily the best.

Recap...Friday, get home from work, Husband checks phone messages and tells me we've been invited to a potluck on Saturday night, I should check in with the hostess about who is bringing what. If I had been thinking, I would have said maybe we should skip it because we've got a lot to do, but I was preoccupied with other things so just filed it away in my brain. Spent the evening trying to put the spare room back together (because last weekend I decided to move things around between basement and spare room but didn't have time to finish), plus trying to pack away winter clothes an bring out summer clothes, but finding that a lot of my summer clothes from last year are too small (even more than I expected) which was a) depressing, b) a logistical challenge bcs I don't want to have all the small stuff hanging there in my closet taunting me, but I also want to get the heavy winter stuff put away and I only have so much storage space.

Got to bed later than I had hoped, and then had a hard time falling asleep because my brain was buzzing.

Saturday - up early bcs I have a 9 am appointment at the spa to get waxed, buffed & polished for summer. Have toast and coffee, and off I go. Home again by 11 am, ate some yogurt, washed some dishes and did some cleaning, then out again with hubby to run a few quick errands and hit the grocery store. While we are out, Husband decides he is hungry (because he hasn't eaten anything yet - he crawls out of bed, stumbles to the computer and forgets everything else), so we ended up out for lunch (I had a club sandwich) and then we got groceries.

Then went home, made myself more coffee and started making Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Garlic Peanut noodles, while Husband started some cleaning. Then off to our friends for supper. We had a good time, I had a little taste of everything but not a huge amount all together. We ended up leaving around 8 because Husband was also sleepy (though in his case it was because he'd stayed up too late the night before). So we went home and did some more cleaning. I forced myself to stop a little earlier so I could sit in bed and read for a half hour or so before sleep.

Husband woke me up around 8 am yesterday. Got up and made coffee and an English Muffin, then started in on cleaning again. Husbands parents were arriving in the afternoon, so we were being a bit more thorough than usual. Plus I had been waiting for a sunny day when I would have time to take the litter boxes out side for a good cleaning and let them dry in the sun - I've read that letting them sit in the sun can have a disinfecting effect, so I like to do that during the summer, but this was the first chance I had.

With all this cleaning talk, I'm sure you are thinking we must never clean our house, but we were trying to get some extra things done, in addition to being more thorough with the regular cleaning because we had company coming. And maybe I don't have the most organized approach because it just seems to take forever - possibly because I get easily distracted, so I'm usually trying to do 3 things at once.

Anyway, Husbands parents arrived in the afternoon and we mostly had the house put back together by then. But I don't really relax much when I'm playing hostess either so it didn't really feel like I had finished, you know?

Husband's parents were up and on their way first thing this morning (heading to Ottawa), and now I am trying to get through my day at work but I'm having a hard time concentrating.

This coming Thursday, first thing in the morning, I will be taking the ferry home to NS and staying for the weekend, so now I'm thinking of everything I have to get done between now and then. When all I really want to do is curl up in a ball and go to sleep.

Daily Record

7:15 am: crumpet w/strawberry jam, coffee
9:00 am: coffee
11:00 am: yogurt
1:00 pm: matsaman curry & rice (leftover)
4:00 pm: Fibre1 bar


Crabby McSlacker said...

I'm like you, I need serious DOWNTIME.

Well, I guess I wouldn't be Crabby McSlacker if I didn't.

Sounds like a busy weekend! Hope next one in NS works out to be a little more calm.

MizFit said...

Im as you two are.
I need a lot of asssittingtime.

reading. watching tv. watching a movie. BEING STILL.

no matter.

Im just not a gogogo'er either.

Missicat said...

I hear ya, I feel like this past weekend never happened. And this week is already shaping up to be busy busy busy. *sigh*
Fortunately have a three day weekend coming up soon! yay for the 4th!

the Bag Lady said...

Holy crap, kiddo! Sounds like it WAS a busy weekend. I hope you get some time to relax on your visit home.
(and it sounds like your house must be wonderfully clean now -- I'm so jealous! Mine is suffering cyclone syndrome!!:))

Crystal said... wonder you were not ready for Monday. Hope you get a little down time tonight and have a pleasant week.

candlerun (htabby) said...

Well I sure hope things slow down for you a bit here so you can step back and relax a bit.

btw - I am so jealous of your clean house. :)

JavaChick said...

Yes...My house is clean...Just wish exhaustion wasn't necessary to accomplish it! And sadly, it won't stay clean. But, the spare room is looking more spacious since I changed things around and the shelves that I took out of there are being put to good use in the basement. So I do feel like I accomplished something.