Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sunshine and Dilly Bars

Morning Thoughts
It's a sunny Tuesday (so far, forecast is for rain later on) and I am still chuckling a bit over the Wii Fit telling me that it hadn't seen Husband in a while.

So far, still bright and sunny...really hoping that rain thing doesn't happen. Thoughtful co-worker brought in cookies and cinnamon rolls. She really is a very kind, thoughtful person. But I don't need baked goods staring me in the face from across the room. There are no cookies with any kind of chocolate in them though, so it's actually not that hard to resist. So far.

Lunch is yummy.

Afternoon Stroll
Couldn't stand the idea of missing out on all the sun when there is supposed to be rain coming, so decided to go out for a stroll. My office building is one block down from where Husband's apartment was when I first moved to the city. I had an apartment a few blocks away, and we both worked in the same office building, also in walking distance.

I love where we live now, I love having a house instead of an apartment, but sometimes I miss walking around Uptown the way I used to. So today I went for a bit of a nostalgia walk (too bad I didn't have my camera with me).

I walked from my office toward my old apartment building - pretty much the same route I would have taken walking from Husband's [then Boyfriend's] apartment to mine. On one of the back streets, passed a restaurant that used to be a Chinese place. Obviously it's been awhile since I've been down that street since the Chinese restaurant is gone, there are signs for a pizza place that is also closed, and according to signs in the windows it is soon to be a Lebanese Restaurant. Which I think is great (Saint John has no Lebanese restaurants), except that it's a bad location so I'm not sure how long a Lebanese restaurant will survive there. But I will definitely watch for it to be open. I could go for some Falafel or Shish Taouk.

Kept going and went down the street where my old apartment is - it was hard to give that apartment up. It had it's down sides, but the master bedroom was huge with a lovely big walk-in closet, and I had high ceilings and tall windows...It was great.

Took a short meander through the Loyalist Cemetery, which is a park that takes up the block right next to the one my apartment was on. Then I walked across King's Square (right across the street from my apartment building) and through the City Market, where I stopped to buy a bag of cherries. I love cherries! I love this time of year when you can actually get fruit that tastes like something!

Came out the other side of the City Market on Germain Street. This is the route - through King's Square and the City Market - that I used to walk to work every day.

Then I walked down Germain Street, toward Husband's old apartment, which is where we lived when we first got married, so it was our walk to and from work when we lived there. Ended up back at work, and my meandering took about 30 minutes. It was a perfect afternoon break.

Sat down at my desk and sampled a few cherries, then one of the guys came through handing out DQ Dilly Bars to everyone. Completely caught off guard, was not prepared to say no. Besides which, it was obviously meant as a nice gesture. So I just said thanks and ate my ice cream. Guess I should maybe skip that last piece of pie tonight? I kind of wanted it to be gone...We'll see.

Evening wrap-up
I'm glad I got out for my walk in the sunshine this afternoon because it did cloud over and start to rain. At least I got my dose of sun.

Calf muscle is feeling pretty normal today, but I didn't want to push it so I just did a nice easy walk on the treadmill. And yes, now I am eating my last piece of pie. I've enjoyed it, now it will be gone and I will be fine with that. I've had my treat.

Daily Record
BF: coffee w/cream, Yogurt & granola
Lunch: Rockin' Morroccan Stew (Crazy Plates recipe)
Snack: Handful of cherries, DQ Dilly Bar
Supper: Raw veggies with dip, roast chicken & potatoes (from Superstore takeout counter - hubby's choice toinight)
Dessert: Key Lime Cream Pie (the last of it!)

Workout: 45 mins treadmill, 2.2 miles


the Bag Lady said...

Oh my gosh - I haven't had a dilly bar for years and years! My best friend worked at DQ when we were young and we used to eat them quite regularly. Sigh. (That was back when I was a skinny teenager...)

Erin said...

Sounds like a really great day!!

Bi0nicw0man said...

What a lovely walk down memory lane!!

Sagan Morrow said...

Your afternoon stroll sounds lovely! By the way, I love your point on the "why waste calories on something that tastes awful?". SO true:)

candlerun (htabby) said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful walk! :)