Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boot Camp Day 2


I wouldn't say today was better, but I'm hanging in.

I think I mentioned last week that we tried these Multi-grain battered Tilapia fillets and I wasn't crazy about them. Husband said he wasn't crazy about them either. Fine. I won't buy any more. But we'll finish off the rest of the box.

So, heading home from work Husband asks what is for supper and I tell him we are having the Tilapia Fillets again. My plan is we will have them once a week until they are gone.

So then we had to stop and buy a bag of frozen french fries because if he had to "eat that God-awful fish" he wanted something [that tasted] good to go along with it. I had been hoping to get away with just veggies, which would have been ok with me, but if I was cooking fries, I couldn't not eat fries, know what I mean? However, according to the Nutrition info on the bag, one serving is not terrible. And other than that my day was good.

Aside from the bag of Lime Tostitos that also made their way into my house. But that is tomorrow's story.

Know what this is?


It is a freshly dug bed that will become my little vegetable patch. We arrived home today to find the landscaping guys finishing up. I have been wanting this for a while. Now I just have to plant stuff!

And, just because they are so cute, here are the Fabulous Felines again for your viewing pleasure...



Daily Record
Weight: 143.1 (- 0.8 lb)

BF: Vanilla Yogurt w/strawberries & shredded coconut
Lunch: Cocoa-Coconut Chili (From Eat, Drink and Be Vegan)
Snack: Cherries, Kashi Granola Bar
Supper: Multi-grain battered Tilapia fillet, fries, cabbage salad w/Asian Sesame Dressing

Workout: Weights


the Bag Lady said...

Oooh, you must be so excited about the garden patch!! I'm really looking forward to hearing what you plant.

And, as always, love the fabulous felines!!

MizFit said...

I do believe we are married to the same man.


JavaChick said...

Bag Lady - I am excited and I just hope I can manage to grow something edible. This being my first try and all. But, I've done ok with flowers and bushes, so here's hoping.

mizfit- so glad someone can relate. :)

Sagan Morrow said...

Such gorgeous cats! And that garden patch will be so much fun. I wouldn't be too worried about the french fries; the frozen ones are generally much better than ones you get at restaurants in terms of being less greasy and all that:)

Missicat said...

Cute kitties!!!!
I soooo wish I could plant veggies...have a blast with that.

JavaChick said...

sagan - true, oven fries are a better option than deep fried...Just not sure I needed them.

missicat - I have been wanting a place to grow a few veggies for a while and I don't have a huge yard, so I wasn't sure I could find a way. But we did, and now I'm looking forward to experimenting.