Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Friday!

Weigh In: 144.1 (+ 0.4 lb)

So I was as good as my word last night and I passed on the Tostitos. I was worried that the open bag would be sitting around the house all weekend, tempting me, but it disappeared into Husband's computer room and it looks like he pretty much finished it off. Which is not a good thing for him, no one needs to eat almost a whole bag of Tostitos in one evening, but at least I don't have to worry about them.

I also spent about two hours out in the yard, planting things in my new vegetable patch, then I came in and did a short weight workout. So overall, it was a pretty good day.

With the weather being so warm, and our office having no air conditioning, I'm thinking I may start experimenting with salads for lunches during the week. Normally, I like my salads to be freshly made, but I've been thinking about options and I have some ideas.

Of course, any day now, everyone else will decide it's too hot, drag out the portable air conditioner, turn it on full blast, and then I'll be back to wearing sweaters and freezing (that's what happened last summer). I suppose then I will be happy for the hot lunches.

Anyway, just came in from another gardening session. I'm getting close to having it all planted I think - it's not a huge area, so I will probably finish it off tomorrow. Then I will be all on pins and needles waiting to see if things grow.

Now I am off to relax for an hour or so, then I'll be ready to sleep. Have a great weekend everyone!


MizFit said...

happy weekend.

here's hoping you arent getting up all kinds of SORE as I usually am postgardening.

I use muscles I never knew i had!

the Bag Lady said...

Are we going to see photos of said garden? And find out what you've decided to plant? I can hardly wait!

After talking to one of our neighbours, I went out and planted some rutabagas. I happen to really like them, and so does the Cowboy, and so does this particular neighbour, so decided to put some in so we can share with him. So my garden is gonna be a wee bit bigger than I had planned. (Yippee! I am happy, because it was actually hubby's idea to keep it small this year.....)

candlerun (htabby) said...

I am glad to hear the Tostitos did not have their way with you! lol

I agree with posting some pics of the garden area once things have started to sprout. I do not think the gardens in my area are really going to do good this year as the weather has not been good to us for crops. :(

Enjoy your weekend and hopefully you will get to enjoy some sunshine here again soon.

Sagan Morrow said...

So glad that you're happy with the tostitos choice:) Hope your weekend is going well!

Crystal said...

my office is either a cold refridgerator or an icebox so I have to have that sweater close by. for some reason, floridians overcompensate the air conditioning since it's so friggin hot outside.