Friday, June 6, 2008

What did I just say?

Weigh In: 143.7 (-0.2 lb)

Did I just say a week ago that I was going to get serious about my eating? Did I? So when exactly am I going to start following my own advice?


Well, there was that pie that I had to make and then had to eat (had to! ha!). Then pizza day yesterday. Wanna know what I did this morning? I ate a caramel muffin. But I did pass up on donuts when I got to work. And I did pass up on take-out for lunch today and eat the lunch that I had sitting in the fridge from yesterday. But then it went downhill again for reasons I won't get into here.

Seriously. I have to get my act together.

Aside from eating, here is my week in review:
- 2 strength training sessions
- 2 treadmill sessions
- 1 cardio with weights DVD workout

Also used the Wii Fit twice and did a couple of hours work in my flower beds.

So, people of Blog Land. It's time for JavaChick boot camp. I will keep up my exercise. And I will figure out this eating thing (I say for the gazillionth time). Feel free to give me a kick in the butt if you see me going off the rails, getting lazy, etc. Because obviously I'm not doing such a great job policing myself.

As an aside, my sister and I have started checking in with each other every couple of days via e-mail. She wants to get back into exercising, and I am trying to eat sensibly to lose some weight. It's a good thing. We're encouraging each other. But I think I really need that kick in the butt.

Daily Record
08:20 Fibre1 Granola bar
09:00 Caramel Muffin & Coffee
12:30 Rockin' Moroccan Stew
14:35 Vanilla Latte & Buttertart
16:45 1 Beer (yes, still at work - that's what office fridges are for right? Beer?)
18:30 Panang Chicken & Rice
20:45 Quaker Crispy Minis


candlerun (htabby) said...

Kick in the butt given. ;)

I also have to start to get things going here again myself... it's hard to find things that get your heart rate up when you can't do anything but light biking a small amount per week. :(

That is great that you have your sis with you to encourage each other on!

Crystal said...

That's good that you and your sister are going to keep tabs on eachother. Hope she gets on your case when you are slacking!

**Insert kick in the butt**

It's a new week and I'm sending out positive vibes your way. Use them to kick some butt-eat well and get that exercise in. You can do it!

MizFit said...

how did the boot camp weekend go?


the Bag Lady said...

Hey, don't look to me for any butt-kicking - that would mean I'd have to get some exercise myself in order to kick you... :)
Hope you and your sister can be the support system you each need.
(I am not going to tell you that I've lost another pound or two...'cause with my luck, it'll all be back tomorrow!)