Monday, November 16, 2009

Back to Monday

The weekend flew by as usual, but the weather was warm (though rainy yesterday) and I felt like I actually accomplished some things around the house without totally wearing myself out. Woke up to sun again today, which started the week off on a good note.

Took breakfast to work with me this morning – oat bran prepared with half water & half almond breeze. Topped with coconut butter, almond butter & a smidge of maple syrup.


Took me a while to eat and filled me up, as usual.

I ate lunch around 12:25. I wasn’t really hungry, but there was a meeting scheduled for 1 pm, so I figured I should eat.

I almost forgot to take a picture again; started eating and then the food blogger in me woke up.


Excuse the messy bowl – Rockin’ Moroccan Stew from the Crazy Plates cookbook. Haven’t made it in ages, but thought of it this weekend.

I did get out for a little break after my meeting, then had an apple for snack – which I did forget to take a picture of.

It was still beautiful and warm this afternoon, but by the time Husband picked me up after work it was getting chilly. Guess we couldn’t expect the double digit temperatures to last much longer.

After feeding the cats I hit the treadmill for some intervals. I have been gradually increasing my speed and the number of intervals and it’s been going really well. Today I did 30 minutes of intervals, then walked for 15 minutes to cool down.

Yesterday we tried a new soup recipe in the slow cooker. It’s called Jazzy Jerk Soup, the flavor being inspired by Jamaican Jerk spices. I actually was not crazy about it last night – the jerk spices were nice (ginger, allspice, cloves, cinnamon, chilies) but there was a flavor there that I didn’t like.

When I was a kid my mom used to make a lot of homemade vegetable soups and most of them I did not like. I spent many an evening sitting at the table after everyone else had finished their meal because I was not allowed to leave until I finished my soup.

Husband and I eat soups fairly often, but I guess I’ve been lucky so far in the recipes we’ve chosen. This soup had a taste that took me right back to my parent’s kitchen table, not wanting to eat my soup. Not sure why or what it was.

Anyway, wasn’t particularly looking forward to it again tonight, but we had leftovers to be eaten. I served myself a small bowl (Husband took care of the rest), and added some things that I do like to make it a more enjoyable meal.

IMG_0310 IMG_0311

I had a plate of raw cauliflower, and some Triscuits and my favorite Chipotle topped Hummus.

The soup was actually better tonight – whatever it was that I didn’t like last night seems to have gone away with reheating.

I planned on that being it for the night, but then Husband wanted me to make some popcorn. He’d normally pop himself a bag of microwave popcorn, but we’re all out. I prefer real popcorn,

and somehow I have become the designated popcorn maker when it comes to the real thing.

He actually asked for a “huge” bowl of popcorn. He was hovering while I was finishing up, and took off with his big bowl as soon as it was ready. All I got a picture of was the little bowl with my serving.


Actually, it was a nice treat; I wouldn’t have made a whole batch of popcorn just for myself, but I did enjoy my bowl tonight.


Anonymous said...

Your popcorn world is exactly like mine. Hubby prefers the microwave chemical crap. My son and I like real popcorn. But somehow I'm the one that always has to make it.

Apparently it tastes better when I pour the kernals into the popper???

NeverSayDiet said...

that stew looks yummy! I'm actually looking forward to using my crock pot this winter...

KefirGirl said...

I love me some big bowls of pop corn too - I'll make a bag of Smart Pop and eat the whole thing! Love the hand-to-mouth action.

Tricia said...

I'm a popcorn girl myself.:)