Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Highlights


Saturday was a rainy day, but I’m not complaining about that – at least it is still warm enough to rain instead of snow. The Fabulous Felines and I spent some quality time on the couch.


Yes, I am underneath all that fur.


Normally I try to get out and get my weekend shopping done earlier rather than later, but yesterday I was in the mood to poke around the house.

As soon as I got home and we put the groceries away, we started making dinner. Thai Shrimp Soup from Eat Shrink & Be Merry, and Shrimp Wontons from Superstore.






Sunday the weather was cooler, but the sun was shining which was nice.

While making the soup on Saturday, I noticed my ginger was sprouting. Of course, I want to try planting it to see if I can grow a ginger plant.



I just can’t help myself – that would be why I have a lemon tree and a key lime tree growing in pots in my kitchen; I wanted to know if I could grow them from seeds.


First thing this morning, I got Curried Cauliflower Soup going in the slow cooker.

IMG_7947 IMG_7948

I found a new low sodium vegetable broth at the store yesterday which was nice. I try to watch the sodium because of Husband’s blood pressure, but most of the ‘low sodium’ broths are not really all that low; I was pretty impressed with this one.

IMG_7949 IMG_7950

The kitties each got a short walk – despite the sun it was a little chilly out.



I spent the afternoon doing my usual rushing around the house, trying to get things done. Among other things, I baked another Pound Cake (recipe here) and polished my kitchen table…


We never eat at the table except when we have company, so it tends to serve as a collecting spot where we drip things (mail, etc) when we walk through the kitchen. Eventually it gets on my nerves enough that I have to clean it off and give it a good polish.

At the end of the table you can see Husband’s bag of Rockets from Halloween, he’s still working away at eating them.


I did laundry, and cleaned the bathroom and swept. I was going to vacuum, but it needed to be emptied and the filter needed to be cleaned (which husband did for me). It’s a bag-less vacuum, so Husband rinsed the filter and canister and the filter needs 24 hours to dry.

It was nice to have dinner ready and waiting in the slow cooker. We made sandwiches to go along with our soup – I had grilled cheese, Husband had Roast Beef & Ham. And of course Pound Cake for dessert.




sweettoothblog said...

Ohhh awesome!! I really hope your lemon & lime trees work out!!! That is too cool!

carla said...

I did you soooo proud this long weekend :)
with family visiting I cooked and baked up a storm.


the Bag Lady said...

I'm eager to find out if you can grow a ginger plant! And terribly jealous of your lemon and lime trees - every time I've tried that, things have grown a little, then died. Sigh.
Definitely not a green thumb here.

livinghealthyintherealworld said...

Mmmm pound cake. So cool that you planted lemon and lime trees! That would be awesome to have a ginger plant, too. Unfortunately I'm very good at killing my plants, so I'll live vicariously through you.

- Sagan