Monday, November 30, 2009

So long to November

November has been a bit of a blur. I’m sitting here trying to remember what I did this month…nothing too terribly exciting I guess!

But, it is time for my traditional recap. November’s workouts:

Nov 30: Treadmill walk/run[35 mins]
Nov 29: Workout A[30 mins]
Nov 26: Treadmill walk/run[35 mins]
Nov 25: Workout B[30 mins]
Nov 24: Treadmill walk/run[45m ins]
Nov 23: Workout A[30 mins]
Nov 21: Treadmill walk/run[35 mins]
Nov 19: Nov Workout B + Treadmill walk[50 mins]
Nov 18: Treadmill walk/run[45 mins]
Nov 17: Nov Workout A[30 mins]
Nov 16: Treadmill walk/run[45 mins]
Nov 15: Nov Workout B[25 mins]
Nov 14: Treadmill walk/jog[35 mins]
Nov 12: Nov Workout A[30 mins]
** Break for Flu **
Nov 05: Treadmill walk/jog[35 mins]
Nov 04: Nov Workout B + Treadmill walk/jog[45 mins]
Nov 03: Treadmill walk/jog[35 mins]
Nov 02: Nov Workout A[30 mins]

Sad looking little list this month, but I did lose a week to having the flu. Aside from that, I’m pretty happy with what I did.

My other goal this month was to start tracking calories again. It took me a while to settle in to that – I went back to a bunch of online programs that I’d used before and tried them out, plus a couple of new ones. They all seemed to have things that irritated me, and I had a hard time settling on one. However, I finally landed on which is one that I had used briefly a few years back. So far it has not irritated me too much, and I do feel like it has helped me to gain a bit of control. I’m going to stick with it for the next few weeks, but I suspect toward the end of the month it will be abandoned; at least for a while.

A Look At Today

My freezer is even more well stocked this week, thanks to some cooking on Saturday – 8 more containers of lunch (in addition to the 3 that were left) plus a container of soup that will be supper tomorrow night.


After selecting my lunch, I sat down to breakfast with one of my boys to keep me company.

IMG_7987 IMG_7989

And, of course, a stop at Java Moose on the way to work.


Power Lunch

For lunch, I selected Sweet Potato & Black Bean Mole, which I made on Saturday in the Slow Cooker.

Take the Crock Pot Mole with Beef and Black Beans that I made earlier in the month; remove the beef and add: sweet potato, red bell pepper and spinach. I added in some Red Quinoa when I portioned it out.

IMG_0373 IMG_0374

It may not look like much, but there is lots of good stuff in there! I have to say, it turned out pretty well. I also ate an apple as an afternoon snack.

Winding Down

It was dark and rainy driving home, and it made me sleepy. But, after feeding the felines, I changed and hit the treadmill. I was fully prepared to do 45 minutes of hard intervals, but…For some reason today I just wasn’t feeling it. I ended up taking it down a couple of notches and only going for 35 minutes and that wore me right out. Not sure what’s up with that. But I did get in a workout.

And fortunately supper was easy – staged to pretend we’re all classy around here…


Leftover Curried Cauliflower Soup and Grilled Cheese…Which you know I took to the couch after I finished with photos.

I think I could eat grilled cheese every day.


And as if that wasn’t enough, Pound Cake


Before I leave for today, a few more Fabulous Feline sightings…

Here is Frank checking out the newly polished kitchen table.


Wisely, he relocated to the comfy blanket on chair location.


Meanwhile, Zappa was guarding the cake.


I’m telling ya, that stuff is like gold. 


the Bag Lady said...

Cats are good at guarding.

Dogs... not so much.
Unless it's their rawhide bone they are guarding from the cats!

Your freezer looks so well organized, it puts me to shame! (*note to self - find time to organize freezer!)

JavaChick said...

Bag Lady - I don't know if our freezer is organized so much as it is jammed full. You just can't see what's back behind that nice stack of containers. :)